The use of solitary confinement (segregation)

Miller, Paul R.



"Notice" Subject: The use of Solitary Confinement (Segregation) To: The American Prison Writing Archive (APWA) From: Paul R. Miller, Inmate - Ky. Date: 8-18-2020 Hello; It is believed that the use of solitary confinement (segregation) is cruel and unusual treatment (punishment) after 15 days by some people and this is rightfully arguable for acts of Non-violence within the prison system but acts of Violence within the prison system needs to carry serious accountability and with most inmates that are prison violent there are only two (2) things that really matters to them and that is time in segregation and being charged with a new crime that would keep them locked up longer. This is my opinion based on having 20 years of being locked up in the prison system... The smallest acts of prison violence needs to carry a minimum of 30 days in segregation and this would be verbal violence and acts of physical violence needs to carry a minimum of 60 days... The prison violent inmates are getting away with way to much with little accountability and the ones that are violent in prison are going back out into society thinking that they can keep doing what they did in prison... Thank you Paul R. Miller LLCC Inmate - Ky.

Author: Miller, Paul R.

Author Location: No information

Date: August 18, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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