The walking contradiction

Cavin, Mario Sentelle



"The Walking Contradiction" Throughout my life, I've come across hundreds of hypocrites. What I never anticipated was meeting someone who epitomizes the word contradiction. Let me explain. I know a guy who's completely covered in tattoos (including his face), yet he claims he hates attention. He doesn't like being stared at or singled out. This same individual has a severe sinus infection that makes it hard for him to breathe. And yet he continuously snorts pills six or seven times a day. He takes medication for high blood pressure, yet uses ungodly amounts of salt on everything he eats. He talks about saving money and spending wisely but has zero will power to manage his finances or his impulses. So I had to ask myself, is this guy hypocritical or just a contradiction? Is their truly a difference anyway? No matter which word we choose, it doesn't alter the outcome that he says he wants to live a long, healthy life, but doing everything to ensure it gets cuts short. I've learned over the years that what I despise in others is usually a reflection of something I despise in my self, yet all of my soul-searching hasn't turned up anything remotely close to him. Sure I've had addictions. Sure I had issues with money management. But I can't recall a time where I've knowingly said one thing while doing the exact opposite. I can't lie to the man in the mirror so what's the point? I will say this though, living with that "walking contradiction" has made me a better me. I've located a deeper source of patience I didn't know I had. I've learned to check myself before making certain decisions simply to avoid being anything like him. And I've learned to accept my blessings instead of complain about what I don't have. It's ironic what makes us grow as people. Mario Sentelle Cavin 12/13/20

Author: Cavin, Mario Sentelle

Author Location: Michigan

Date: December 13, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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