The window in my cell

Nelson, Travis M.



02-02-2022 THE WINDOW IN MY CELL I sit here and watch the world go by. I watch the rain bring the green of spring, and the flowers bloom. I watch pedestrians walk in the summer heat. Then with falls approach, the leaves turn brown, and they fall to make way for winters first snow. I watch it all through the window of my cell. I can’t feel the rain of spring, heat of summer or the chill of fall, nor the cold of winter. I sit in my 6x9 cell where nothing changes. The minutes, the hours, the days go by and here I stay, where I look out the window of my cell. Time becomes redefined. It's no longer getting off work at 5:00pm or waiting for the work week to be done. Now its breakfast, meds, lockdown, lunch, supper, lockdown, meds, sleep. Then it’s rinse and repeat. A cycle of the nightmarish version of groundhogs' day. The view out of your cell becomes a constant reminder of the world that has forgot all about you. Your being pulled from it didn’t affect it one bit, it just keeps going on without you. As time goes on you begin to resent the window in your cell and yet, I still stare and watch in envy and know that most of the world I watch has no idea I’m here. They go on with their business without a second glance as they should. It's like seeing a fly trapped in a spider’s web waiting for its impending fate, One just carries on without a second thought about the fly or how it came to be there. Travis Nelson

Author: Nelson, Travis M.

Author Location: South Dakota

Date: February 2, 2022

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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