The wrath of COVID Nineteen

Potts, Tyrus C.



The Wrath of Covid Nineteen Someone asked me was I going to write a poem on COVID-19. I said no because I couldn't imagine what words to put together. Even though I realized through my suffering in prison and my life experiences, This is the worse catastrophe, crisis, and abolishment Ever! From Grandmothers - Fathers - Brothers - Sisters - Daughters and even innocent Babies showing no favoritism Affecting everyone. Playgrounds & Schools are closed No enjoyable holidays. Internet shopping & browsing is the safest place, which leaves nowhere For kids to have fun! Social distancing compelling people to stay 6 feet away. Never knowing the time would come when an unknown & unexpected pandemic Would be someone's price to pay! A free phone call from GlobalTel-link, hits you with the reality that Society is scared. Even the most focused and organized person you know could never have been prepared! Difficult decisions - No paychecks. Providing for you and your family, doing your very best do to, The right thing. Staying safe at home - Staying clean - Staying healthy. Hoping & praying that you won't be the next one to catch The Wrath of COVID Nineteen Authored by: T.C. Potts [ID]

Author: Potts, Tyrus C.

Author Location: California

Date: August 26, 2020

Genre: Poetry

Extent: 1 pages

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