There is no 99%




September 2019 There is no 99% by Jonas As the excesses of the Obama Era Department of Justice are shared with Americans, media, commentators, like Sean Hannity, in a spirit of uninformed politeness qualify their reports by saying "Comey, et al are not reflective of the 99% of good agents in the FBI and the Department of Justice." The fact is, there is no 99%. The outrageous conduct and warrant abuse to support partisan false narratives in the Department of Justice is a cultural fact at all levels. The only difference is abuse by an FBI Field Office and politically ambitious Democrat prosecutors may not have the same appeal as a political coup involving a U.S. President. Sara Carter's references to a bigger problem than what has thus far been publicly reported and the current FBI Director's recalcitrance on responding to addressing FBI misconduct confirm the non-existence of Hannity's 99%. My first hand experience is limited to an Assistant U.S. Attorney posturing for a Congressional seat and the supporting misconduct of the FBI field office. Nonetheless the conduct is too identically arrogant to not reflect a toxic culture. There are certainly good federal agents, but outrage is not responsibly confined to Comey and crew.

Author: Jonas

Author Location: West Virginia

Date: September 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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