There isn’t any real reason to care about what tommorrow brings in this cage




#1 There isnt any real reason to care about what tommorrow brings in this cage. These are the words of 85% of men in this place. some are so misplaced they miss the point that this isnt where we should be. Its all to laugh and enjoy every minute but when the hours equal years pain equals tears. Jails and prison is one thing that will not lose money in stock or go out of business its a on going breeding ring for the worst solution to a everlasting problem. Years ago who decision was it to punish the bad guys by locking them (all) away together? It seems logical now or then, but you cant promise every one of your epxerimental solution will die in prison or have a life sentence If you have been paying attention so far that mean you know that if all these cases fit together then youre experimental #2 solution will be sitting near you - or their kids will grow up with your kids. even if you would never be a experimental solution who is to say your children wont be? can you predict the future? They say misery loves company and children dont always pick good lifes. With one life to live we all must pick the right road to travel it may end with a better solution or it may not. The funny thing is that when bad solutions hit home then the proble gets worked on. The hand we are dealt becomes life or death with death having a head start.

Author: Bobby

Author Location: Texas

Date: March 28, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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