There’s always a way out

Weber, C. Walter



Weber/there's always a way out- March, 15th. 2020 -There's Always A Way Out- "They needed no reason. They came simply because he was of Jewish descent. They stormed his home, and arrested he and his family, packed them on a train, and sent them to a death camp in Krakow. His most disturbing nightmares could not have prepared him for seeing his entire family shot before his eyes. How could he go on-knowing that another child was wearing his sons clothing, because his son was now dead? Somehow he went on, and everyday asking the others at the camp, "How can we get out of this horrible place?" How can we escape?" And the answers he received always seemed to be the same: "Don't be a fool! There is no escape. Asking such questions will only torture your soul. Just work hard and pray you survive." But Stanislavski Lech couldn't accept this! He wouldn't accept it!! He Refused to Accept It!!! And one day the Giant Power of the Human Mind awakened in this man. Perhaps it was the intensity in which he asked the question. Maybe it was the certainty that 'Now was the time', or maybe it was just the continual repetition of focusing on the question, with the expectation of receiving an answer, but that day he received his answer. There, only a few feet from where he stood lay his answer in the form of decaying human flesh, in a pile of bodies, men, women and children, gold fillings had been pulled from their teeth, clothing stripped from their bodies, and instead of asking, "How could the Nazis be so cruel? So despicable?? How could god allow something so evil?? Why Has God Done This To Me???" Stanislavski Weber/there's always a way out- Lech asked a different question. He asked, "How can I use this to escape? And as the end of the work day was coming to an end, and the Nazis began herding the workers back to their barracks, Stanislavski Lech ducked behind a truck, stripped off his clothes, and dove into the pile of bodies, pretending to be one of them, doing his best to not even breath; not making a move for hours as he lay amongst the stench of decaying human flesh, Willing that no one would see the one living amongst the pile of dead. As he heard the sound of the truck came to life, and Lech felt the shudder-he knew that His Will to Freedom was imminent, and as the truck lurched to a stop, and dumped its ghastly cargo at a mass grave sight, the weight of the bodies piling upon him nearly suffocating Lech, though he endured, continuing to hold still, and laying there for hours until nightfall when he was certain that all of the Nazis had gone, and he extracted himself from the pile of death, and ran naked 25-miles to his Freedom...." (Pause) "-What was the difference between Stanislavski Lech and so many others who perished in the death camp in Krakow?" (Pause) "-Stanislavski Lech asked a different question. He asked with certainty and expectation of receiving an answer, and his Will to Freedom was too fierce, too Committed, too Determined, and too Disciplined to accept anything but success in gaining His Freedom... Weber/there's always a way out- (Closing) "-The Department of Corrections holds each of us under a slavery in which we cannot see, because it is hidden within their computers, where they sabotage many of us on a level we cannot see, and if we cannot see it, we cannot fight it. The more I am digging into my OMNI File, and filing Public Disclosures, the more ugly lies and inaccuracies I find, which Unlawfully Restrain me by labels that can keep me from every gaining My Own Freedom, and the Department of Corrections will continue to hold me under these false labels unless I find my way out, and I promise you all that There Is Always A Way Out If you're Committed to finding it. The more that I search for the key to My Freedom the more I am pushed down by scrupulous State Officials within the Department of Corrections, and malicious Prosecuting Attorneys, but I Will continue to fight, because otherwise I Will surely die behind these walls for a prison fist fight, due to the matrix created by the Department of Corrections within OMNI, which these criminals refuse to release me from. Behind me is the reason why the United States incarcerates 24% of the worlds incarcerated population. It's the reason why I am doing the same amount of time as the Green River Killer Gary Ridgeway, and these six bad bad men who were just let off of Death Row last year. But the Beast has been awoken, and I will not pacified! I Will Not be coerced!! And I Will Not stop fighting until I am released from the Unlawful Restraint of the Department of Corrections." "Mr. Toastmaster."

Author: Weber, C. Walter

Author Location: Washington

Date: March 15, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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