Things continue to happen

Potts, Tyrus C.



* Things Continue to Happen * Waking up anywhere is a great thing, but when you are able to wake up in prison, it's truly a blessing! A convict that I didn't have the pleasure to know that long, did not wake up at all. He died (8-20-20) of Diabetes complications and other natural causes. The crazy thing is, he died in quarantine quarters. Where he was only suppose to stay for 14 days, just to see if he was positive of the "wrath of Covid Nineteen". The messed up part about that is, he had just told me that his sister just died from complications from the wrath of covid nineteen no more than a month before his departure. So may their family be Blessed, with the strength to overcome one tragic lost after another. And may they both rest peacefully! You know how yall on the outside of these walls have a better possibility to have Hope, day after day. The people in prison don't have that Luxury. Right now due to the wrath of covid nineteen. Inmates or Convicts only have an hour for Page 2. showers, phone calls and depending on how many cells that the correctional officer let out. You may not even get a full 15 minutes on the phone. Take in consideration that this is every 3 days, one hour a tier, which consist of the floor that your cell is on! For anyone reading this, imagine this scene for a second. You came to prison with a few thousands of dollars, a few people that you can call homies or associates. A female at the time, that made it seem as if you got locked up, she would be there for you! Now, fast forward 10 years later, you have no money. The prison won't allow you to go to work, due to the virus. Those few so-called homies or associates can't see you with nothing but a lie and unrealistic words. Take in mind except for the ones who truly care, and stay with you because they want to. Most women are deciding to leave you, soon as you are in Handcuffs or make that first collect call from whatever Jail you are in. So don't prejude no one, because they have the ability to surprise you. And only judge the ones, that you know or meet, through experience. That way you will discover, who they truly are and not who they are portraying to be. So be extra cautious of the ones who you choose to trust. This is a proven statement, if you don't break all bridges with the people you know. Basically betray, manipilate or harm them in any kind of way. Someone in your family or that you know will ride it out with you and support you, in Valley Adult School Use Both Sides page 3. whatever way that they can! So as yall are out there in society, dealing with death, covid nineteen, fires, protestes, storms, loss of income, loss of shelter, loss of your occupation, not much entertainment and minimum sports events. Almost no outside activities and surely no chance of knowing, when the opportunity will be there for you to see and visit someone in prison you know. Now that's terrible in itself, but it will never compare to the circumstances that we are under! The courts and laws in California are all bias & unrighteous. For I am in prison, for being convicted of attempted murder, 2nd degree robbery, attempted car jacking and a 25 to life gun enhancement. I was sentenced to 32 to life at 25 years of age. I had no problem with doing about 16 years, for my stupidity and greedful actions. It's 2020 I have done 19 1/2 years, for robbery and shooting a human being in the lower leg. So there's no way, that I deserved any part of a life sentence. Then I can't count them accurately, but men with sentencing gun enhancements have been given more time then actual murderers. That's how the system is set up, they want you to do at least 25 years. Before they even give you a chance, to have a date to be released from prison. And even then, at the Board of Prison Terms (BPH) haveing the hearing doesn't mean that they are going to give you a date. Even after you have presented them with your academic accomplishments, self-help achievements, vocational trades and laudatory chronos. Everything that proves that you have rehabilitated yourself, because no one else can or will try to. Then they still come up with a reason to deny you of parole. Which is very wrong, and I can't even begin to imagine how page 4. many 3 strikers and other Lifers have been stuck in prison for over 30 years or more! And their time been up! So appreciate what you are blessed with, and don't have greedy intentsions or be selfish-minded. It's a must, that we support each other and continue to share each others strength. Look at it this way, we have similar causes. We both want Ourselves and our Families to survive, Live Life, Be Happy, Be Safe, Blessed and live prosperous lives. The only difference between us is, we must Fight like never before. To Regain our much Needed & Deserved Liberty, without Dying. Just to one day Live Again. So out of pure Respect, I would advise you to never take advantage or abuse your Life ever again. Take every second, minute, hour of each Day and Night. To appreciate what the Mighty Lord Blessed you with. Because just as you are out there Living, Complaining, Whining, somewhat Enjoying life to the Fullest. It could all be Gone, in the next Breath you take, the next Move you make, or of the next Unexpected Natural Cause. Because we all Realize * THAT THINGS CONTINUE TO HAPPEN * It's 2020, please vote for Biden & Harris you be the one to make a difference 8-21-20 Authored by Tyrus C. Potts Soledad, CA 93960 Valley Adult School Use Both Sides

Author: Potts, Tyrus C.

Author Location: California

Date: August 21, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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