Things we fear

Sorensen, Alan Jade



“Things we Fear” By Alan Sorensen Like the Polio epidemic of my childhood, 9/11, the “Covid-19 pandemic” has gutted what we all thought of as a sense of security in our daily lives! I cannot tell you how many times in my life I almost died from one accident or another, from one of many diseases. I was what they called back in the 1950’s a small sickly child who’s every fall ended with broken bones, an irregular heartbeat, lung problems, never to reach even a hundred pounds until close to fifteen, so yes I know fear! “Looking back at all those things I see a lot of parallels” of all the personal and social seminal moments in what to me is “Modern history.” I find it peculiar how many thought then, and perhaps now, that such things are a hoax or conspiracy. My late beloved father was no different; often he could not accept that his first child was prone to sickness, or the health problems that ended his life because he refused to see a doctor, all of which in fact may or may not of made our lives safer, the same is true now, today, knowledge is power, it is the unknowns that we must fear. I see how all people’s behavior, even those we trust and look up to is governed by their perception of risk, regardless of whether such is truly in line with genuine risk is not often logical, often such feelings come from the gut, real or imagined. It is Called “Dimensions of Disaster” or so I have read in the American Psychiatric Association. Here is a life long truth I have learned the hard way, “it is one thing to be safe, and it is another thing all together to feel safe!” We all want personal security, but lets be honest, it is like opinions, we all have different ideas about what truly makes us feel safe. Welcome to my life, to be high risk in today’s world, I do not feel safe and I doubt many do, or I am the only one asking such questions about what fear really means. Just a Thought!

Author: Sorensen, Alan Jade

Author Location: Colorado

Date: 2021

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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