Thinking of the ones you love while trapped in a prison camp

Upchurch, Roger W.



Thinking of the ones you love wfiile trapped in a prison camp In prison you have plenty of time to think. Think about the things you have done,.what you have said or what you have not said. This is about the ones I love most in my life. That is my wife and daughter. I have always loved them but maybe have not showed it like I should have. I have always told my,daughter "I will always love you and never, never leave you". My wife though I assumed that she knows I love her and she loves me. I understand now by being away here in the prison camp that I never told here. I call her every night and now I always say I love you and miss you. She tells me the same. I now know we need to hear those words. When I am home I will show my love as well. _ I am sure someone in your life has showed you love and you did not understand why. You may have done something wrong at school or broke something and your mom punished you in some way but also hugged you and told you she loved you. She forgives you and show you love instead of hate. It is hard to have resentment against someone that is punishing you and showing their love at the same time. We all should show love to everone, and if that were to happen the world would be such a better place. But you know that will never happen. . I The word LOVE has different meanings. The love you have for your spouse is different as from you children or your family members. Then there is the love you show to you co-workers and friends. You say "I love you man" that is showing your true friendship towards them. Showing love andkindnessg to everyone will make you a better person as well the people you are kind to. You never know you may help someone that needs help. Showing love and kindness to fellow inmates is challenging because there is so many that have hatred in there hearts and not love or kindness. They are passive—agressive people that disagree or insult you because they are always on defense. If you respond to these people with the words of love and in a soft tone they may soon react in a positive way. I Do something out of kindness for you fellow inmate. Maybe buy them something from commissary and give it to them. It will surprise them and how can they react in a mean way. Enough love will change everyone to the good. Here in the camp I see a lot of hate in these men. They do not follow the rules in here and most will not follow the rules when they get out_as well. They may be better criminals when the get out and back into the same lifestyle as before. Where there is no love or kindness." In prison they have had a chance to find God, love and kindness in their hearts. Some even pretend to but don't. The bible states that God loves you and everyone equally, no matter what race, or gender you are. If yousflung love, kindness and respect to everyone you will have a better chance tosucceed in life and.success in everything you do. . When someone disrespects you, calls you names, down grades you, and they make you angry, resentful, or frustrates yougthink_ before you act. Take a deep breath, ask God what to do. Show an act of Love, Joy and Kindness,you may see them as a lamb and a difference in them. Love and Kindness is Contagious. "Live a Life of Love" "Show them you Love them" "Tell them you Love them. Roger W Upchurch Reg # 12636-028 Federal Prison Camp Ashland Ky 41105 /5 1 //"}/{/,://,»/[«;i‘‘ JZ5,» V [J 42 4 //.._.—fl/

Author: Upchurch, Roger W.

Author Location: Kentucky

Date: September 10, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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