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Tabler, Richard L.



Richard L.Tabler,#999523,Writing To The A.P.W.A.January,21st,2018 This is another of my writings that could very well be my last. As a people we never really know where our lives are going to take us at any one moment in life.One minute we could say that we are wanting to do this,and the next minute life throws you a curve ball.Last year when I first reached out to everyone at the A.P.W.A. it was in regards to the execution of my best friend that had been executed here on Texas Death Row on July,27th,2017.His name was Big Tai to his really close friend's,but to those who didn't know him he was known as Tai'Chin Preyor.I cannot honestly tell you how his execution has effected me to this very day.All I know for certain is that his death has left an empty feeling within my very soul and heart.You would think that after having to live through numerous executions while not only being on death row,but having to be housed on the section known as Death Watch where each individual has a set execution date and has a live video camera in his cell that watches over him 24/7,you would think I would be use to it all.The truth is I am use to it all,there is nothing like living and yet at the same time being dead inside yourself.I have tried over and over and over again to explain things to my lawyer's about how some people want to live a life of being told what to do for the rest of their lives;but that i'm not one of those people.You would think that they would understand this,but I find that the sad truth is,lawyer's aren't that smart.Most can only see to themselves and what they want to see get done in regards to their clients on death row in any State.For example I strongly beleive in the death penalty where my lawyer's do not.They cannot understand that I take full responsibility for my actions.The actions that landed me on Texas Death Row.To me and my way of thinking,when lawyer's fight for their client's,client's that know they are GUILTY,it's like they condone their client's actions! This isn7t right,what about the victims of our crimes and what about their loved ones that are still on this earth living through the hell that those of us on death row are guilty of causing them to live through without their loved ones!? I was sentenced to death by a jury of my own peers after having a Jury Trial in the 256th District Court in Bell County Texas,under District Court Judge Martha J.Trudo.What was the purpose of going Richard L.Tabler,#999523,Writing To The A.P.W.A.January,21st,2018 Page #2. through two and a half years of Jury Trial to turn around and spend 14% years or more fighting for a new court hearing or sentence? When i'm guiltyl? For a while a huge part of me really thought about fighting this out and spending a life in prison,but that was cause because I allowed other people to try and live this life for me,I allowed lawyer's to sweet talk their way into my life.Are the lawyer’s going to have to do this time in prison for me?Are they willing to give up their lives and try and spend one day within prison walls?NO! Don't get me wrong there are some great lawyer's in society,but most if not all are straight assholes and could care less about anyone other then themselves.I have only met a very few that to this day I can call my friend's and I know that they would do anything for me if I ever asked it of them.It are those few that when all is said and done with me are going to be hurting with the rest of my loved ones.Can you imagine living the rest of your life in your bathroom? I‘m dead serious (pun intended).Try spending 72 hours living in your bathroom at home.You may take with you only the followingzl-Radio that can plug into the wall,your sleeping bag no pillow.A writing pad along with a pen,a cup for water out of the sink to drink. whenever you are thirsty.A book or two,and a paper sack that holds your lunch,dinner and breakfast.Better yet have someone that is living with you deliver your paper sack with your food in it to you at2:30am and again at 10:45am and one last time at 3.00pm.You are not to bring your cell phone and your are not to allow those living with you to bother you for 72 hours.NO TV.No games of any kind.If you have to use the bathroom you do so right there where you'll be sleeping that night and the following days.You are allowed to shower one time and only one time each day and no more.You are not allowed to have your dog or your cat keep you company nor any other living being.I challenge you to try this and see how long you would last,and please keep in mind that if there is an emergency with a friend or a loved one,you‘ are to keep your butt in that bathroom regardless.Think you can still do this? Yeah,I didn't think so either.LOL:)" So,I too have had my fill of this kind of life,I mean I knew that one day I was going to die because of my crimes,but you kflam/ Richard L.Tabler #999523,Writin To The A.P.W.A.January,21st,201 Page #3. what they say,if you can't do the time don't do the crime.I was sentenced to death for my crimes and I feel that my punishment should be carried out swiftly and not delayed for years on end because some lawyer's don't beleive in capital punishment! Let me share something with each of you.Recently here in Texas there was an execution of this inmate by the name of Anthony Shore better known as T—BoneuHe was executed on January,18th,2018 at 6:OOpm.For months I had thoughts about killing this fool myself.I thought about how I could get it done to the point it would drive me mad! Why? This individual was the kind of animal your parents warned you about as a child.The State of Texas never should have waited as long as they did to execute this animal,they should have taken him out to one of these fields that surround this prison and shot his ass and burried him in the dirt and been done with him and everything having to do with him and his kind! You may think that i'm being harsh,but let me tell you something i'm only telling you the cold hard truth.The truth that most won't even tell you cause they're scared of what others may think of them or how they might come across to their peers.I don't have these fears.This animal was known as the Tourniquet Killer,cause after he raped his young female victims he would than kill them by placing a tourniquet around their necks and slowly killing them.I m not talking about a couple of victims but numerous and the youngest one being age 9 years old! The Texas Rangers were always here talking to this animal as well as the FBI. How would you feel if someone did something to one of your loved ones the way this animal did to his victims and those are only the ones that they found their bodies for Now do you still think i'm being too harsh for my thoughts towards how this animal should have been taken out into the fields and killed? No,I have had enough of living in prison and awaiting to see about some appeal and lawyer's trying get me a new trial or sentencing.I am guilty of taking the life of others,and yes.For the record I have deep and sincere regrets for my actions and wish there was a rewind button on life or a do—over,but there isn't;and for that i'm sorry,but sorry isn't enough for those who lost their loved ones by my own hand.I feel that closure needs to be given and the Richard L.Tabler,#999523,Writing To The A.P.W A.January,21st,2018 Page #4. only way for that to begin for my own victims is for my own execution to be carried out,as I was sentenced to death as well as the rest.The only difference between I and the rest? I'm a grown man and I take full responsibility for my own actions. You'll find on the following two pages that of an order by a Judge in regards to my appeals that was issued on January,5th,2O184 Instead of waiting for my counsel to do as the order stated,I took it upon myself to respond with a motion back to the court on January,9th,2018 explaining to the Judge that there was no reason to consult with counsel and that it was my true and sincere desire to waive my right's and volunteer for execution and that counsel had no authorization from me to file anything on my behalf with the court after the court received my motion dated January,9th,2018. I am currently waiting to hear back from the court in regards to this.There is a saying by,Edward Abbey,in A Voice Crying In The Wilderness that says,"The fear of death follows from the fear the fear of life.A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.” I have lived my life and I am now ready to die and meet my Maker in the Kingdom of Heaven.What about you,can either one of you reading this say the same about your lives? Peace & respects, Richard L Tabler Texas Death Row Richard L.Tabler,#999523 Texas Death Row 3872 FM 350 South Livingston,TX.77351

Author: Tabler, Richard L.

Author Location: Texas

Date: January 21, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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