This is prison

Russell, Stephen



This is Prison Praise יהוה! I got this years ago, but don't remember when or who gave it to me. Some of it you may understand, most you may not, unless you have been here. Enjoy! (1) The lower the IQ, the louder the mouth (2) Easy to get in, hard to get out. (3) Regardless of the extent of the injury or ailment, trained med staff look you in the eye, with complete seriousness, try to convince you that Ibuprofen "the wonder drug" will correct the condition. (4) No matter who you are or how long you have been in, some idiot will try you. (5) You never know the mental condition of a man until you room with them. (6) Try as you may, you can never explain any of this to your family. Only one way for them to understand. Pray they never do. (7) Anything can be sold. Spots in line, pet lizards, crickets for pet lizard, making beds, food off your tray, cigarette rolling, drugs, back protection, artwork, tattoos, clothes, pen pals, mags, books, photos, laundry, legal help, writing letters and more. Trump would be proud. (8) There are 7,962 ways to fix a Ramen noodle soup. (9) No way to explain to a 5 yr old, you can't come and visit them. (10) You will find yourself happily eating food your mom never got you to eat at home. (11) Insanity comes in many forms and degrees. (12) You realize, if you had followed the advise of the women that love you, your life would have been very different. (13) Even the worst childhood can be looked back on fondly. (14) Some will do most anything for a cigarette (15) You see a Black Widow, start to kill it, decide it isn't hurting anything, start to feed it, name it, then get mad if anyone tries to kill it. (16) Everyone has at least one redeeming value. (17) The lowest form of life is a shoe thief. (18) Not near as much snitching as some think. The idiots are too stupid to know they are doing things that get them caught. (19) True happiness is a letter from home. (20) On a cold A.M. you think there should be a special place in hell for the inventor of the stainless steel toilet. (21) A rule doesn't require a function. (22) There are an incredible number of songs that refer to doing time. (23) The stupid shall inherit the TV remote. (24) You realize you truly didn't appreciate what you had. (25) There is no saving some from themselves. You get hurt trying. (26) You meet the Dr., lawyer or artist that could have been. (27) Sleep can be the greatest thing. (28) Minding your own business is a virtue, and may save your life. (29) The dumbest get out and come back over and over, while some really good people grow old in here. (30) Some can call up every Super Bowl, recite stats and not get a GED. (31) Some who killed 12 people will cry over a dead pet mouse. (32) Some cops should be inmates, some inmates are cops. (33) A man's crime tells very little about the person. (34) You can make a pet out of most anything. (35) Books, not dogs, are man's best friend. (36) Give a man a chance to prove himself, he will, good or bad. (37) You don't need to win a fight to participate. (38) Never ask the health of his family till you know he did not kill them. Stephen Russell

Author: Russell, Stephen

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: July 25, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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