This letter is the first in what I hope and pray will be…




U.S. v. Hammond U.S. Dist - Lexis 23992 (Feb 21, 2013) This letter is the first in what I hope and pray will be an unending series documenting he cruel & unusual inhumane treatments being wrecked upon us -- 99% majority the real power source of America thru out the country. I have been illegal kidnapped & unlawfully confined under the name: [redacted] I am definitely not a proof of service# so I wont insult anybody by mentioning a "Prison identification number" nor am I an entry the NASDAQ or N.Y.S.E. I love feel hurt & bleed my point is to bring attention to our plight its not a BGI[unclear]U. problem mass incarceration is about to cause my death & I'm not alone The prison industrial complex is out of control They lock-up battle scarred war veterans with no regard for guilt or innocence How do we stop this out of picket beast unity Presently I was done dirty by the Philadelphia kangaroo court system @ every trial I ever had or any conviction I was never offered a fair opportunity to present my innocence so now i have all kinds of false labels that are nowhere near the truth tied to my name even though I do not deserve such titles the media is in cahoots with the Philly kangaroo system to crucify my as just an image which they've already previously done snatching away my freedom now that wan't enough they're trying to take my life for a crime I absolutely had nothing to do with because I'm of the majority percental here's the Just for what will get u killed by Americas injustice system: poor back resources unemployed black disenfranchised : so since I meet all these requirements & more they're trying to put the devils fork in my neck If anybody reading this it will be clear to u that I was innocent of the crimes that I've been convicted of & what the present kangaroo system is trying to convict me of anybody that's interested can review notes from my trial I'll let u decide Its public record Let me ask u a question reader. If a D.A is well known to sabotage trials in combonation with witness' who forge official police statements & victims that identify u under police pressure are these fair circumstances in which not only your freedom but your life should be taken? Well that's what's happening The noose is strong & the dye is cast. I'll be hung -- in the modern day form -- without any iota of a fair chance & their wont be a slight bleep of the radar like the jigsaw char Peter said there will be (& was) blood whether the majority stop it now or later its inevitable when all of your neighbors are led away wholesale who' left to defend the community & its not going to matter -- suburbs, trailer parks, ghetto projects, inner city -- the-elite 1% wont have picks. If they'll destroy small villages in Peru, Chile or Bogota why would u be safe in Lancaster or Elizabethville It wont matter Jerry Sandusky would have victimized Emmit Till -- Trayvon Martin without missing a beat The haves v. the have nots The same power & privilege that is now unjustly pursuing my life & other men thru out the country & "In prison no one can hear u scream" I'm seeking any & all help from anybody & everybody but a dead body if u can provide: financial, legal, physical, research, business, educational aid: I need it I'm an inventor & I cant get my inventions to the public so if u can help me bring my app deals into manifestation I could use that as a springboard to the greater good Show support & solidarity to: [redacted] P.SS. Just listen close to these cases: Capital CR-464-13 CR-262-13 Civil 3:12 CV0487 4:13.CV.1400 I think my ail is being tampered with so wen u get this letter I need to know.

Author: Namil

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: March 3, 2014

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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