This may become the first of several entries

Dekemper, Raphael



May 3, 2017 This may become the first of several entries I submit. After being incarcerated for nearly twenty-two (22) years I will soon be released from the Indiana Department of Correction. So, I have much experience to expound upon. I wanted to begin my submissions with a point on education. Even with all the promotion about rehabilitation and self-improvement/empowerment for re-entry, over the years much of the higher education opportunity has been removed from the Indiana system. Although I was given the chance to earn college degrees, my educational pursuits were stymied by D.O.C. because it is against department policy to have prisoners participating in graduate studies; not only disallowing the delivery of a graduate studies program by staff but also denying the delivery of courses via USPS. This regulation resulted in my graduate degree pursuit to be stopped as I reached a final course and thesis project. Is this really encouragement for reformation? Raphael Dekemper

Author: Dekemper, Raphael

Author Location: Indiana

Date: May 3, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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