This prison system is made to make the rich richer




2-2-20 Page 1 Start - This prison system is made to make the rich richer. The poor more needy. This is a mental genocide. How is a life sentence, death row, life without parole. All three you are going to die in prison only difference is the title and how long you got to live in prison all three sentence you are not in control of your release is not valid. It's up to a panel of people called Board of Parole hearing. It's the death penalty and a differant form. Any sentence with life you have no release date so its useless to try and cope with the changes that go's on in prison. I have 20 to life I have no release date I only have a board date its up to people of Board Parole hearing to find me suitable for parole they can define me all they want. Im stuck hopeless my desinty is with them. I deserv to be punish. But a death sentence is a little harsh I was 19 years old when I committed my crime. Im now 28 years old going on 29 my first time for me to get a DOC hearing I will be 31 years old. My life can be lost inside these prison wall's nothing is promise my family had nothing to do with my crime but yet and still I have to ask them for money to eat canteen. I have restitution my money that people send get took by the system. I should have to pay when Im release from here. I have no release date I only have a parole hearing date If they feel Im the same 19 year old who committed this crime Im done. Useless hope. I have no sun shine. I get milestones but they don't get me a release date I just go to the board sooner. They still have power to deny me. For 15, 16, 19, 20, 21 years. Denial. The system need to change. They need to reprogram inmate try to teach the right way to live instead of giving out time that can't be done by single man. Their is no rehabilitation in CDCR. C/O's provoke people daily. They write people up and give them more time like the C/O told me you have a date Im going to write you up more so your date can be pushed back its a trick bag. Change is needed in the system. Earl

Author: Earl

Author Location: No information

Date: February 2, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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