This unique essay is a “divine mental journey”

McKissick, El Roderick



NO TITLE This unique essay is a “Divine Mental Journey” into the street life of society which lead most brothers and sisters to the penitentiary and others to the cemetery. It is sincerely written to divinely inspire and motivate others to live a wise and productive life in the divine knowledge of positivity especially those living in the Black Community. I am going to be retrospective about a variety of extremely valuable lessons I was truly taught and will clearly divulge in this extraordinary essay with realistic scenarios of the street life based upon my own experiences and conscious view of reality. So open your mind and clearly see what the divine has showed me as you travel with God. When I first met her she did not have any fur but it was something that interested me and with her I wanted to live a fantasy. She shined with so much vibrant energy and she always moved seductively. In my curious eyes I was hypnotized and I did not believe the lies. Some told me she was nothing but danger and I thought they was speaking out of anger. She showed me the pleasures beyond ecstasy and the haters greed for the white devils money. She showed me that the devils plans are strategically orchestrated and that is the ultimate reason as to why most blacks are miseducated. She showed me the detrimental effects of negative music and the divine power of my conscious mind when I effectively use it. She showed me for every action there is a reaction and not to get caught in a deceptive web of passion. She showed me that all I got to do is reflect upon black history and I will gaze in the hateful eyes of our true enemy. She showed me the disharmony in the black family and this is another diabolical ploy of white supremacy. She showed me I had to do more than pray and the devils evil forces do not play. She showed me there is no love, for those who sell demonic drugs. She showed me a true friend, will truly be down until the end. She showed me the true value of life and a whore is no man’s wife. She showed me that all black females should walk with integrity, dignity, modesty, and in the streets they will not suffer from vulnerability. She showed me no respectable lady will ever strip in a club and in neither of them I can not actually expect to ever find true love. She showed me the evil ploy of poverty and it’s destructive purpose in the black community. She showed me the penitentiary, is devils forms of modernized slavery and is implemented by white supremacy, who are all blacks enemy. She showed me fancy clothes and the lifestyle of pimping hoes. She showed me not to be fascinated with expensive jewelry and it can not ever entrap me. She showed me many of us wear our own scars and to never be tricked by fancy cars. She showed me her ways are sometime cold and I must always stand bold. She showed me to always be mindful of the paths I chose and to never put powder up my nose. She showed me drug dealers and the ways of heartless killers. She showed me the value of having a pistol card for me to survive my self-defense is fundamental. She showed me the ways of females and for them you can expect to be betrayed by most males. She showed me never trust a person with hate in their eyes and the deceptive power between most women sexy thighs. She showed me the true value of each breath and the serious consequences of death. She showed me broken hearted mothers shedding painful tears and to live my life without fears. She showed me the idol god Jesus and the genocidal destruction of man made diseases. She showed me not to ever abuse alcohol and it has been many blacks down fall. She showed me the destruction of crack and the addicts got hit from the back. She showed me the dangers of heroin and the white devils are really having fun. She showed me many brothers and sisters are wrongfully enslaved in the belly of the beast and praying whole-heartedly for their release. She showed me there is no justice and under the white man’s laws all we truly got is us. She showed me some blacks are ignorantly trying to be white and that is a tactic of reverse psychology I should always dislike. She showed me the pleasures of intoxicating sex and I did not wear the latex. She showed me love and hate and to always be aware of the fake. She showed me the devastation of black on black violence and that the deed always lay in silence. She showed me mixing our precious black blood is a self-destructive deed and the white devils wicked plans to cross-breed. She showed me life is definitely not a joke and not to inhale cancerous smoke. She showed me a coward will snitch and not every black woman is a bitch. She showed me if you had a good education, than you would probably have a good occupation. She showed me never to have a weak mind and you will not ever be misguided by the blind. She showed me the nightmares of a unconscious man’s dream and never to use the devils methamphetamine. She showed me in my own rite I am the black King and I should always love my Black Precious Queen. She showed me how to live and to truly accept all the wisdom, knowledge and over standing she had to give. She showed me all these powerful things and so much more but in the end I had to truly realize she is a treacherous whore. So without any remorse, I wanted a divorce. Because she was the freak of all freaks and I had to say bye to the destructive streets. These are harsh and sometime extremely cruel lessons I have seen and learned from the ways of the streets, this unfaithful life has seductively seduced many people out of their own life for a price that is extremely high. Those are the ways of those who choose to live the street life and in the end we all had to pay a detrimental price even with our own life in some form of fashion because most of us all will have to deal and live with the consequences of our own actions. To every sister and every brother we all can relate to this in one way or another and should ponder the paths of our own lives. Become wise in our own ways and consciously be aware of all forms of oppression because life has it’s own unique blessings and we should not have to learn harsh lessons. One wrong decision in the streets can lead to captivity in a penitentiary which is a evil form of modernized slavery and detrimental separation from one’s family and this is a common reality. There is freedom in society and some free souls never made it to a cemetery. Life is a perpetual test and we must always strive to transcend the rest as we go beyond the best. Your positive thoughts, actions and energy will make you better to ultimately reflect the divine within because there is definitely none greater. Please contact author at current address for comments, encouragement, and/or feedback. Formulate by: Divine El Supreme El Roderick McKissic 701 Boulevard Sparta, GA. 31087

Author: McKissick, El Roderick

Author Location: Georgia

Date: 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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