This universe mirrors human acts

Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim



"Nature 'Mirrors' ...." /ARA 7/9/2020 ADX (have ye looked, lately?) In the 'Bush,' the strong animals prey, on the: 1) weak; or, 2) defenseless! Such, is built into, 'their writing'! 'It's not - good.' 'In Prison,' most are 'clicked up,' so, to survive! Guards are no different! Nor is the Govt (any nation)! 'Clicks protect, rich'! 'In the Streets,' most are Poor, and, 'prey on the Unsupervised'! 'Fall asleep, on a Bus,' you may lose; more than articles! For 'it's steal or be robbed'! 'In Business, it's skirt the Law,' to 'make a buck'! 'Charity given, when it's known'! 'With exceptions'! 'In Hypocrisy,' the barrier, between: 'Truth; and, 'lie' - doesn't exist! Whereas, 'G-d fearing' folk; are: 'the only' thing, 'not skirting the lanes, between: hypocrit'; and, 'G-d fearing'! They 'are few, and far between,' those: 'in' or 'out'! 'In Reality,' 2020 (AD), Globally most are: 1) 'in the Bush,' economically & Spiritually; 2) 'in Prison,' as Marching 'waylays,' the Utter Helplessness They Feel; 3) 'in the Streets,' more than 'hypothetically' (COVID-19 Pandemic); 4) 'in Hypocrisy,' because, 'the train is running-away' with no one Conducting'; and, 5) 'in Reality,' most-do-not-know, 'how to exit' (from the Dream/Nightmare)! 'For Prisoners' are, both: 'the convicted,' as also; the 'Gullible' ('out there')! This durance 'quotes,' three (3) Sources: OT; NT; Quran! Simply-put: 'what better Judge than from whence it came'! Even a prison, first, appears as: 'satan'; and, 'Adam and Eve' were banished! So, I give credit; to the 'words' so, many do not! Hence, religion; the origin! COVID-19 Pandemic: Jeremiah 6:10-12; Quran 21:11-13 ('no takeouts': read, grow up)! Oh, 'Nature Mirrors Humans'! It's all, 'in the Earth'! /ARA 7/9/20 ADX Plantation (CO) APWA (1 of 3) cc:2 "This, 'Universe,' mirrors 'human' Acts! /ARA (c) 7/7/20 plantation "Does 'COVID-19 Pandemic - Mirror': 'one's heart? Separate: from all the lies; and, deceitful crimes? Where unity is: everyone doing, their part? Have we not entered: 'Zeitgeist, a sign of the times'? 'Is COVID-19,' like: drowning-in-the-Red Sea'? 'A Rainbow,' or, 'contract' for: 'Noah's descendents? 'Make Barabbas, and, Jesus' exchange: 'Do you see'? 'Why Muhammad seals,' and; 'none-ever-up end it'? 'And, does' Covid-19 Pandemic,' just, 'mirror': 'your power - given-to-wealthy,' that ye believe? 'Even though, they create': 'nilch'; 'not-nothing'; 'zero'? Giving 'them,' worship: that; 'they' so, desperately need? 'COVID-19,' pandemic, seeks: 'Introspection'! A 'Vacation': away, from Government; and, News! 1/ 'Too focus, upon anothers convalescence'! 'Where each, individual, has the right-to-choose'!" /ARA 7/7/20 ADX plantation "Tabot: single box!" "Island of 'one,' how did ye act'? 'Durance, does -- everyday -- just that'!" /ARA ADX "1/' is punished by the very things - through which one sins'. (Wisdom 11:15,16, 12:23, 27 Exodus 7:28-29)!" "In a supermax (Federal) the, law are; a law unto themselves! Each durance is, their own, conscience; many 'chasing after Windy'! 'No man's an island,' takes on 'new meaning'! One-side (of bars) dreams, of freedom! The opposite-side (of bars) dreams, 'of getting off-work'! 'The Mirror' (Nature) is, 'just-a-bystander'! That reflection, mirrors; and, mimicks! 'Global warming,' the 'Titanic'; et cetera, 'Natures input'! 'We benefit from the Past, if we choose'; to succeed, instead of 'being drawn-to-the-fire'! 'Some made for Heaven, some for hell' (Quran)!" /ARA (3 of 3) 7/9/2020 (Th) APWA Editors (Update: "No Royal We, 'no new advancements'!) "There's a Story 1/ (of how a Town pretended their Emperor 'wore clothes) when, 'he was naked'! This, is par for the course; today! 'When few smell stink, is disease far off'? 'COVID-19 Pandemic,' is a 'Commercial'; 'for us (in/out) to-stop-the-train! If 'no one' smells that, stink (in/out there) then'; 'what's written will take over'! As 'COVID-19' has: 'your attention, please'? The Tabot,' is for those ([barzaki?]) buried alone! No one shall be with these! And, 'satan' (Dan. 7:18; Q. 7:14) shall die! 'I take pleasure. in reciting truth! 'The royal We,' is the only judice! Nothing -- Historically -- can alter this course ('runaway train')! Most, are immature; and, refuse 'to grow up'! Circa: 'Aesop's Fables'; Solomons Proverbs; 'G-d's Truth ('some for.. hell')! Where are (non-Bacchus) 'adults,' at? An 'immature,' is, like 'leaders' (one and all); knows not: 1) poverty/humbleness; nor, wealthy/abundance; or, 2) 'how to navigate each'! Cf. Philippiens 4:12? 'My spin: if adults (come of age) were 'mature,' then: 'his/her story' wouldn't repeat!' There's 'no Peter Pan, just satan'!" /ARA 7/9/2020 ADX plantation (CO) "1/'Wishful thinking': 'positive thinking'; 'good thoughts'; ad infinitum, are for prayers! Not, for human meditation! 'Satan tricks/misdirects'!" Permission on file! ARA ECL! Return Copy, please? (2 of 3)

Author: Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim

Author Location: Colorado

Date: July 9, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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