Thoughts of real men behind these walls

Atkins, Richard, Jr.



"Thoughts of Real Men Behind These Walls" By Richard Atkins, Jr. Coming from poverty, to owning property is the best form of success. And my thoughts behind these walls are of productivity. I used to scheme on big money and having a team of killers. That was my point of view; to one day become a drug lord and control with an iron fist. But after I invented LA-Prince Global, Inc. my thoughts wasn't living with illegal activity anymore. I was selling out my people; pushing the crack-rock, heroin and marijuana. That was my mentality, due to my struggle in the ghetto of Stockton, California. And my future was heavily influenced by them street-kings! I saw murder, not knowing that those murders would injure my love the next human being. 'Cause I felt so much cold from my peers, and saw no fair treatment. So as I sit in my prison cell, contemplating millions for now, I see the evil minds at work...and thank the Lord for my strength. Men, are those who choose their own fate and always step with truth. Men, are those who provide for themselves and the family. Not leaving for heaven, before giving back to the family, isn't God's plan. We have to plant our flag down to show our seeds how we're supposed to live one life... That's when, I think of Malcolm-X; I think of my honor/beliefs in myself and my Lord...and the people. Tomorrow ain't promised, so the black males/females have to accumulate wealth now. There's no next year, tomorrow, next week or any of that. We must unite and fight the fight with fire! I'm not talking about these awareness speeches; hoping the talking these black-leaders are doing today; changes the system... Us black folks, need to stop killing us black folks. 'Cause that's why our deaths by the racist cops aren't stopping soon. We're trained to accept our failures, and all the injustices being delivered by the hands of the ones in power. What we need, is more self made blacks. Not more of our generations seeking employment. We need more Sean Combs, Shawn Carters, Oprahs and Ava Duvernay's and Lee Daniels. Not to forget about Tyler Perry... Them people are the true leaders of this world! The ones, who are trying to get our black nation to wake up! Leading by example, period. Money, brings you power. Power, helps to create freedom from us. Ain't no truth on this earth, not being manipulated by politics. And with money and power, my people can open up doors and let more of us through... Imagine, growing up in the ghetto. Then imagine being poor, with your parents on crack-rock every day. Imagine, living below the poverty line and losing your mind. So now you're being rail-roaded like Nelson Mandela and Geronimo Pratt. Do you think you could survive that reality? When most people outside the ghetto, commits suicide or claim to be bullied... As a child, I was bullied. As a teenager, I was lied to by many. And as an adult, I had to comprehend it all. Can you imagine that... That was hard, knowing that my brain was fed lies and deceit mostly. But I had a handful of soldiers; men and women in my life who always spoke reality to me. My mother was one of them people. And my grandparents too. But dancing with/or against the devil is a painful option, that I was forced to live follow your dreams; the thoughts of real men behind these walls!

Author: Atkins, Richard, Jr.

Author Location: California

Date: October 16, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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