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Riley, C. T.



Clinton Troy Riley, To all of the readers: First & Foremost - May the Most High God continue to bless you & yours in being & becoming through Yeshua Ida Mashiach by the power of his spirit. The possibility of everything without limitation is a double edge sword, in the hands of the ignorant and foolish it will bring about their destruction. But, in the hands of the wise & God conscious it will bring about their victory in life & beyond the realm of what appears to be! Criminality is the seed planted for which this country gave birth to upon germination, for which was enacted the wealth & glory of America upon the backs of my harvested ancestors from Africa & at the expense of the extermination of the greater part of the native Americans. And as an outgrowth of capitalism, various environments were methodically structured to serve the future purposes that will propagate ideologies for social contempt, fear and justification for modernized slavery as warehousing the innocent & guilty. And to perpetuate hidden for misdirection were employed by the [conduit?] of [politrix?] & propaganda. Very few are capable of seeing through the veil of hypocrisy in order to read in between the lines to recognize the truth. And this truth is that, the crime rate ain't the crime. pg 1 of 4 The prison industrial complex that I'm currently fighting for my life to be freed from, extends its tentacles out into mainstream society with the support of "other" major corporations, politicians, judges along with a diverse portfolio of special interest groups. I am a hostage. I have been claimed, labeled and treated as a commodity for barter. I have been claimed by the greed, lust, corruption, irrationality, hatred & apathy of all those whom have benefited monetarily, sadistically and politically off my hostage crisis. I am a hostage due to the fact that I have already completed my court prescribed sentence despite establishing for the court's record that my conviction was imposed under false pretense. It was eleven days prior to my release in 2015, that policy created between an outside corporation with the for profit Geo group contracted to run this facility and Indiana legislators created loopholes to justify imposing sanctions for non-compliance to a program that didn't exist at the time of my false conviction. I was continually sanctioned on more than (16) times, every (60) days for the exact same cause of the first sanction...which amounted to my being held two years and seven months past my release date. The kicker is this: it was even documented by my persecutors that I never refused to participate in the lab experiment-science project, but stipulated that I would not be forced to admit guilt to my false conviction or discuss "other" past criminal activity & would have an attorney present at any contingent polygraphs. On top of this, I provided documented proof from the court to be immune from the sanctions resulting from alleged non-compliance with the lab experiment program in accord with my persecutors "own" policy...but was continually sanctioned anyhow! I was not the only one targeted. And as a result, a class action suit ensued! Subsequent to my own personal litigation & then collaborating with the lead litigator on the class action suit, it finally happened when the U.S. District Court-Southern District of Indiana ruled that the lab experiment program called [insem/semin?] is unconstitutional in lieu of violating the 5th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The court ordered our immediate release. Upon the day of my release I learned that (for some reason) I was being kept under the jurisdiction of the very ones responsible for my being detained past my release date. And with my impending law suit for that extended detention I know what to expect! Retaliation. So, in lieu of all the immediate aforementioned, I filed a federal petition to be fully discharged from the jurisdiction of my persecutors. Eight days later I received text message from parole agent to report. When I did, I was detained for an hour until a warrant was obtained for my arrest. And without ever being afforded requisite preliminary hearing I was remanded back to the very prison where I was held two years & seven months past my release date. The funniest part is that I found out that I was remanded back on the very exact cause for which my order for immediate release is predicated. For the very exact cause that the court ruled unconstitutional. pg 3 of 4 It didn't even matter to them that in my nearly (40) days out that I worked (10) hrs a day--(5) days a week. And I volunteered (7) days a week--(4) hrs a night. I was signed up to begin vocational training & on the cusp of taking upon a second job...after five job offers. I even, most importantly, got re-connected with my son & daughter after (17) years since the [ages?] of (8) & (6) respectively. I'm not looking for sympathy & neither do I not take the blame for my prison hitch in its entirety. Because, despite my being initially convicted under false pretense: I opened the door for it all. I used to be the wrong kind of man keeping the wrong kind of company with a "multitude of women--with alcohol. Life is a class--pay attention & pass. I just wanted to share a part of my struggle with you all: And to inform the masses that the crimi-injustice system is a hustle. And for the seasoned hustler & experienced of life....beware of what you allow self to [become?] involved with. It could well mean your life or the freedom of your life! Alongside this missive I have consigned three important articles written by me relative to my experiences & perspectives. Take what you can from it. And know, that I don't pump fake. I love & speak the truth. In fact, I rather make an enemy with the truth--than to gain a friend through flattery and falsehood. So, get at me. The struggle continues. Riley [illegible] A.K.A. Legitimate C*

Author: Riley, C. T.

Author Location: Indiana

Date: August 2, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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