Kim, Daniel



8/1/2019 To APWA I sent my permissions sheet today and try to help your project and tell you my opinions U.S.A. has 5 to 10 times more prisoners than world average I believe that U.S.A. manufacturing prisoner for budget hunting by justice system If you work full time at the McDonald you make around $30,000 after tax government spend $75,000 per prisoner but not enough rehabilitation programs Example; prison has college programs and many course has no books but many teachers who have big salary do it little thing if reduce 1 teacher that enough budget for textbooks Example; her chino prison A yard [otay?] housing prisoner name Eun Young Kim he took 1 cell phone may be he sold around $100 for living money but D.A [theat?] him 35 years to life because he have prior record he accepted a deal 18 years prison but government spent around 2 million dollars kept him in prison 18 years If government rehabilitated him and early release he may become tax payer instead tax payer instead tax spender Example; 2017 I was Santa Clara County Jail his name is Carles Matinaz (spelling?) I spent 2 years together in the jail I was very honest and nice guy he came from Honduras, have no money but his coworker donated $80,000 for his lawyer fee also visit him I living in U.S.A. over 40 years never see or hear these kind story that’s why I believe he is innocent he showed me Doctor’s examination report all 5 girl has no evidence founded 1st D.A. quit because no evidence 2nd D.A. quit because no evidence He lawyer said to him, may go home but 3rd D.A. take him to trial The court sentencing him 370 years from womens accusing Example #3 2017 in Santa Clara County One guy took a money from hooker and he make deal 51 years prison took a money that is a crime but that much time 51 years Same type crime Someone took hookers money alameda county he got only 6 years Same California law Different county different deal 6 to 51 years If lose at the trial maybe 100 years sentencing! Real evil is America justice system Please spend money to education and job training instead the prison Some judge and D.A. think more punishment for did good job and looking for promotion but actually they made society cancer My judge talking about baseball game at the courtroom in Morgan Hill California right after sentencing someone 45 years to life Thank you Daniel Kim

Author: Kim, Daniel

Author Location: California

Date: August 1, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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