To be a California health care facility

Joe Boy



To be a California Health Care Facility (C-H-C-F). The spent $820 million or more to build the 6-year-old facility. To have problems that it has. They should have known, but didn’t provide a test of the water system to make a preliminary test, survey before entering on a course of action. In the Inspector General report; he did ten inspections on (C-H-C-F) and eight out of ten it felled. With no consideration for people life, health, and safety. I feel that custody and medical knew long ago about the legionnaire’s disease before it turned deadly and said nothing about. Two prisoners got sick, one died because they kept it a secret to theyselves. Not letting the prisoners population, know what concern them to. Here in prison we lived here some is here all they life. Known 72 cases of deadly disease, why they didn’t no? Nothing go on, in the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation that the State of California don’t [know] about. The public late after the usual or proper time. Between the 72 deadly disease cases legionnaires and black mold should be on top list. We are housing in a hazard environment. If you have any more information on the legionnaires disease and the black mold. I would like to get it please. We are told very little about the diseases. Thank you for your time

Author: Joe Boy

Author Location: California

Date: June 24, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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