To open the doors of confinement

Balmer, Christopher



TO OPEN THE DOORS OF CONFINEMENT by Christopher Balmer I hate these days when l’m all alone. . . Without anybody, so far away from home. Six years spent in complete isolation, never witnessing a moment filled without desperation. The begging and pleading, the torture of dreaming of the days when I’m free from all this crying and screaming. Did I deserve to be treated like a man without a heart? As if I were something another human could rip apart,? To be played with like a lioness before she makes her kill? Or was ljust a person everyone thought was stupid and mentally ill? It is my time to expose the pains of isolation, for the many brothers and sisters suffering from dehumanization. I need you all to remain strong. Have the courage to stand against all that is wrong. To support each other through these times of despair, for these are the days we all have shared. We all know how it feels to be accused, and what it really means to be used and abused. It’s time to liberate all from these physical pains, To releasejustice which is bound by chains. To reduce the mental pressures that make us go insane. To obtain our freedom from all the unjust. In the end to receive comfort from someone who we all can trust. ©2012 by Christopher Balmer

Author: Balmer, Christopher

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: 2012

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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