To politically, discriminatorily and unequaly attack a minority per se lesser of three evils is to assist in those greater evil’s: “organized prison mafia gang and associate street gang activities”

Winters, Robert Anthony



TO POLITICALLY, DISCRIMINATORILY AND UNEQUALY ATTACK A MINORITY PER SE LESSOR OF THREE EVILS IS TO ASSIST IN THOSE GREATER EVIL'S: "ORGANIZED PRISON MAFIA GANG AND ASSOCIATE STREET GANG ACTIVITIES" The Fresno Bulldogs are indentified as a hispanic street gang that primarily derives in and around the Fresno County in the central valley of California. This bulldog street gang and group of prisoners in question; "is not an associate or an affiliated fraction to either the much larger hispanic Mafia organized crime prison gang groups known as the "ENE/ Nuestra Famila" and the "EME/ Mexican Mafia" who have very large right hand fraction groups of street gangs that cover counties." The Bulldogs are basically a "anti-hispanic mafia associate based street gang." As myself, there are several hispanic ethnic prisoners who's origin is from the Fresno County area and who peacefully programed on the same prison facilities with the Bulldogs for many years, but have been targeted and attacked like I have, just because where I am from and that I have programed with Bulldogs, and carry no Mafia interests as the Southern anfl Northern based group street gang fractions do for the "EME" and/or "ENE." Because of our Fresno County origin anfi minority status in comparison to either the Southerners or Northerners. Its only plausible to believe that the political aspirations of our Governor, Fresno Chief of Police, CDCR's Directors Wardens, and delegated Administrators and lower level prison facility staff that has had --discriminatorily, and unequally opressively targeting the Bulldogs is motivated by both a personal and financial gain desire. Since Chief of Fresno Police Jerry Dyer's "Bulldog Operation" campaign he put in motion over five years ago, which came in wake of the Bond Street bulldog's committing a murder that his niece was implicated in. All the local media has seemed to be doing is emphasizing those street gang crimes carried out by the "Bulldogs". Very little emphasis over the years has been directed toward the very much increase of the street gang crimes of the Southerners and Northerners that have exploited this "Bulldog Operation" of our Chief of Police, because the Chief wants our citizens to believe that our streets are being rid of a very dangerous gang - when in reality "the Chief himself might as well be recognized as a Southern and Northern affiliate or associate, due to the more increase in violent crimes in our area, as a result of the increase in the Southern and Northern street gang populations." I could easily determine from this census: its only logical-to how our political representatives are assisting in the "further interests in Mafia's organized crime prison gang enterprise." You connect the dots.... Ask yourself "Why?" Why aren't they going after the "Dragon's Head" ---a "Southern Operation" or "Northern Operation" so as to eliminate the organized crime prison gang operations of the much renowned "EME" & "ENE"?? Because it would cost too much, and doesn't better serve their interest in lining their pockets up and at the same time making it look like they are "riding our streets of some notorious mafia Prison gang associate / affiliate street gang," which in reality they are not-is not true nor has the Bulldogs been around as long as the either the Southerners and Northerners. As a matter of fact the Bulldogs were formed out of the streets of Fresno and surrounding counties, so as to prevent-- both Southern and Northern prison mafia fraction based groups from infesting our neighborhoods and corrupting our law enforcement agencies, etc. Just hope our Fresnans wake up real soon and realize there will be no more Roses to smell in Fresno County if Chief Dyer and many others are allowed to continue in their campaign to "fill our streets with the Southern and Northern street gangs." The Governor just recently gave the Chief $400,000 more in our tax payers money to proceed in this campaign. Now we know another main reason why many of our fellow citizens are moving out of California at alarming rates. Abuse of power, personal vendettas, corruption, deception, greed etc... Yeah, I bet if they do an independent of the state audit on all the money that has been put into Fresno City's law enforcement agencies ----hundreds of thousands of our taxpayer dollars will be unaccounted for. Go figure? Over the past few years we all seen on the T.V. media how our Governor has came to Fresno to speak in meetings with law enforcement agencies about their working together with CDCR California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation top ranking officials. Some of which I know for a fact were appointed specifically by the Governor himself, whom are but not limited to Director Suzan Hubbard, Secretary Matthew Cate, Scott Kernan, and California State Prison-- Corcoran Warden Derral G. Adams to name a pertinent few. Me personally. I have a civil 1983 action pending before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. This case presents genuine material issues of affirmative documentation and established law: the causal linkage as to Director Hubbard, Warden Adams, several Administrators, Captains, Classification Counslers, lower level supervisors and facility custody staff whom all willfully, intentionally, and/or with wanton or callous subjected myself and over a hundred plus other Fresno hispanic origin and Bulldog inmates to the unimaginable inhumane prison conditions that has carried on for over three plus years and continuing; ever since these Executive Officials decided to go against all classification procedure safeguards and regulations in violation of the EPA Administrative Procedure Act, by having on September 6, 2010 implemented a general transfer plan to house over 100 hundred of the Southern inmate population to be placed on the same 3A--Facility exercised yard as the Bulldogs. The cause of..."over eleven serious riots and the many assaults that occurred between these two enemy gangs." A pattern shown within many of these presented amended incident resorts of which intentionally, discriminatorily bias, and of a fabricated nature-not only: (1) portrays the Bulldogs as always the Initial aggressors, but selectively subjecting them to bogus SHU sentencing terms and D.A. referrals for prosecution, as well as subjecting the remaining Bulldog and the remaining unaffiliated Fresno County hispanics celled up with the Bulldogs "to loss of all normal program activities and privileges, a 24/7 hour per day type of cell isolation status" without any outdoor exercise with sunlight or fresh air;" and (2) in having done so kept many of these riots from the Public's eye by purposely not reporting them as "riots" -but instead treating them as "isolated incidents" under pertinent applied rules and regulations. The fact that many of these riots and assault incidents clearly involve the Bulldogs being significantly out numbered by the Southern inmates and sustained the obvious injuries therein; "has created a dangerous environment in which the Bulldogs and I like many other Fresno County origin hispanics are 'in self--defense' mode against the Southerners and the facility officers who have helpefi assist them in staging many of these violent incidents." For instance, I had personally witnessed the Big November 3, 2008 reported riot, and obtained a dozen declarations of unaffiliated and uninvolved inmates: witnessing how facility officiers assisted the staging of this riot the allowed (30) thirty plus Southern inmates armed with manufactured slicing and stabbing weapons to enter 4-Building from the main exercise yard during "moring--inline-call". At this time, the 4--Building entrance door was purposely shut behind the (30) Southern inmates so as to prevent anyone else trying to enter the building during this "inline--call". Thereby allowing the (30) plus unabated Southerners to attack the (10) Bulldogs who were utilizing dayroom recreation at the time (the first day they had dayroom after April 2, 2008) in which the (10) unarmed Bulldogs who tried to defend themselves sustained serious life threatening injuries, and even air lifted to Fresno Community for treatment. To make matters worse I personally witnessed two officers assist the Southern attackers by spraying three plus Bulldogs who were trying to flee from their assaults. Not one Southern inmate was observed being sprayed! Me personally. I am a self-rehabilitated prisoner of over 19 years incarceration. Prior to September 6, 2006 I was taking advantage of the available rehabilitative incentive programs, since then I have for no reason of my own "I have been punished disciplinarily and oppressively mistreated to ensure inasmuch a "a modified lockdown cell isolation program status: from September 5, 2006 through around October 2007, and after a mere State Auditor investigation, resuming again on April 4, 2008 to the present date and continuing. Like many others, my skin is a bit of a transparent white, full of sore spots and often very irritated and uncomfortable, due to the lack of vitamin "D" that one would normally get from 'sunlight and fresh air,' if I were allowed some type of "outdoor exercise". Since the filing of my original 1983 civil action submitted on October 30, 2008 and court filed just one day after the November 3, 2008 stage--riot. I have been repeatedly retaliated against by conspired defendant--prison officials: "ranging from having me hand--cuffed and caged up for several hours while being personally threatened of my welfare, using cell searches as a punitive and form of harassment by the taking of personal property items and legal preparation materials, damaging of radio, withholding of allowed privileged personal quarterly package,'the misplacement or taking of two prepared Third Amended 1983 complaints sent to the facility librarian via institutional mail for duplicating service and having the librarian go against existing policy anfl facility procedure to not allow me physical (PLU) Priority Library Access unpon formal inmate notice of court ordered deadline to file Third Amended complaint thereby obstructing meaningful access to the court." Hence, in light of these ongoing and current conspired retaliations that I repeatively informed the District Court that I am being faced with, of which is of a imminent and irreparable nature and has prevented me from complying with his orders to file a timely and adequately prepared Third Amended complaint. This same District Judge (who was the same once magistrate judge whom unreasonably ignored the evidence to my underlying conviction appeal) and the formal Fresno County Superior Court judge who is notorious for handing down harsh sentences to Bulldog street gang members; "had ignored the fact that I am being retaliated against in such way as both: (1) being deprived of the most basic constitutional fundamental necessity, the right to "outdoor exercise;" and (2) the right of unobstructed access to the courts, to petition the government for redress of grievances. "Having refused to grant injunctive remedy to these established violations, by instead choosing to dismiss my 1983 action for such irrational weighing and findings that it serves the "Public's best interest -- the court's need to manage its docket -- the risk of prejudice to CDCR defendant Prison Officials -that there is "no less restrictive available sanction alternative," and upon findings in the pleadings that "I am not a gang member of the identified adversely affected Fresno Bulldogs, thereby, failing to state a cognizable substantial risk of serious harm cruel and unusual punishment 8th Amendment claim, and no cognizable 'discriminatory unequal treatment' Equal Protection Clause Amendment claim." I have recently filed a Notice of Appeal and Writ of Supervisory Mandamus before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco; of which appeals both the district courts clear error abuse of discretion, and "usurpation of powers" therein, for both Judicial Council and Judicial Conference review and investigation into the misconduct of assigned District Judges and their delegated law clerks whom seem to have mismanaged the docket and misconstrued the pleadings in my case so as to not do it justice. You could review the filing pleadings of my Sl983 action Re: Prison Conditions an the courts website. Look to WINTERS v. HUBBARD, ET AL, District Court Case No. 1:O8--cv--01681-LJO--DLB, at http;/; WINTERS v. HUBBARD, Efl'AL., 9th Cir. No. 10-15667; and In re WINTERS V. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FRESNO, 9th Cir. No. 10~70823, at Unlike your average litigator, I am not one to abuse our court justice system. Being I personally have a considerable amount of family in law enforcement: state, federal and even an uncle who is a presiding Judge; all of which I am proud of saying, have carried out their duties for the people with the utmost integrity, honor, respect, and never brought discredit to themselves nor to the justice system. Family of which I am sure is just as much proud in how much I come full--circle into the all around good hearted and respectful gentleman that I am today. I am a man with patience, much tolerance, very insightful, reasonable, loving, caring, very head strong when it comes down to what's right from what's being done very wrong. I do not pick battles, just battle them when they come to me. Yes, I could use all the help I could get. My prison cell and this worn out typewriter is far from a bonafide Law Firm with all the endless resources. I am sure I could do wonders with just a lap top and a printer, but hey. I am doing the best I can, and just happy to not be in some third world prison. Have a thing about putting myself in others shoes who live under worse conditions, so as to minimize my own problems that I am facing. God willing there will be better days,and those who wantonly oppressed us through the abuse of their executive authoritative powers will be brought to justice. I know I am fighting the good fight. Hope to have you fight it with me. Thank you for your time and concern. Feel free--snail mail me and ask or express your Concerns, me and my life are an open book.

Author: Winters, Robert Anthony

Author Location: California

Date: October 23, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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