To retaliate and rob taxpayers

Crowell, Rick



"To Retaliate and Rob Taxpayers" At some point in the last several years the mighty Michigan Department of Corrections (hereafter MDOC) abandoned its idiotic slogan "Expecting Excellence Everyday" and adopted the even more oxymoronic slogan "Committed to Protect Dedicated to Success"!! Really? I mean, Really?? Each year approximately 130 civil rights claims are filed against the MDOC and its employees for all manners of abuse, prisoner rape, torture, wrongful death, neglect and much more requiring a multi-million dollar "Corrections Section" within the Michigan Attorney Generals Office. Most of these lawsuits allege "criminal" behavior which is supposed to disqualify the Attorney General from providing "high priced" (thank you Joe Taxpayer) defenses. However, when it comes to the MDOC little of what they do is legal. A common theme running through MDOC criminality is retaliation!! Although strictly forbidden by law, rules, policy and both constitutions, MDOC officials not only allow it but encourage it. Two groups of prisoners are hit hardest by esoteric MDOC retaliation! Those being litigators and activists. The most widely used retaliatory tactic against said groups is wanton destruction of mail, violating MCL 752.11; MCL 750.478; MCL 750.505. As well as many MDOC Policy Directives!!l All that's needed to get a prisoner on mail watch or mail destruct list is a phone call to the Mail Room. I have been experiencing nonstop destruction of mail since 2000 when I began writing about MDOC criminality. It is very hard to prove as MDOC Officials have a literal license to violate the law as long as prisoners are their victims!! Writing to outside agencies is a waste of time! Law enforcement, prosecutors, Michigan Dept. of Civil Service, Post Master General and U.S. Attorneys all give MDOC Officials a green light to destroy mail. These criminal acts were repeatedly exposed, and unpunished, in Cain V. MDC which was Michigan's most costly civil rights claim ever. Michigan's "Legislative Corrections Ombudsman Office" was a completely corrupted facet prior to its closure in 2003. It was reopened in 2013 and remains a complete joke. I met with analyst Eric Mattson from that office in March of 2018 in regard to Ionia Corr. Fac. Mail Clerk Steven Karbar's blatant criminal acts of long duration. I had compiled a huge file proving Karbar's criminality and gave Mr. Mattson a copy!! I also told him point blank that the ICF Administration was planning my 11th prison transfer thus far costing taxpayers over 55 Thousand. Indeed, on 4-23-l8 I was transferred to Baraga Correctional Facility where in 2014 l sued Mail Clerk Dan Groth! Eric Mattson has refused to respond to several letters containing evidence such as "invoices" for books Steven Karbar destroyed. Just as I knew he would, Mail Clerk Dan Groth has begun to write capricious mail rejections and destroy personal mail!! Michigan taxpayers are very apathetic when it comes to criminal acts against Michigan prisoners which often mirror the atrocities exposed in the 2005 Abu Grhaib-Gitmo scandal! I am asking Michigan Taxpayers to take action prior to having a loved one thrown into the belly of the beast or becoming a victim of a State created sociopath the beast releases upon you. By: Rev. Rick Crowell

Author: Crowell, Rick

Author Location: Michigan

Date: January 11, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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