To whom it may concern

Rouse, Gilbert



5/18/2020 To whom it may concern. My name is Gilbert Rouse. I'm writing this letter first off to say I have 42 months to complete. I have 14 of those months in already. I've been wrongfully charged with institutional violence. I was in the Union County Jail in Elizabeth, N.J. and sent to a less restricted jail, program for lack of a better word. I witnessed a fight happening. With about four inmates. I called myself doing the right thing by breaking it up. When I was punched in my face, and charged with institutional violence, and sent to lock up in the Union County Jail for 8 days. During my time in lock up I met a man named Joe Badgley who was the person that wrongfully charged me with this terrable charge. I can't get rid of. I asked him to view the cameras and ask the other inmates exactly what happened so I wouldn't be charged he laughed and didn't investigate anything now it's my time to go to the half-way house and I can't go because of this charge. I've since lost my uncle to Covid-19 and it's taking a serious toll on me im stuck in a situation that I can't get out of. I've wrote to the Governor, Senator, Prison Warden, Mr. Badgley, Administrator, Superintendent, Custody majors and all to no aveal please publish my story so that someone can help me please Sincerely yours, Gilbert Rouse

Author: Rouse, Gilbert

Author Location: New Jersey

Date: May 18, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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