To whom it may concern my name is Monte Rashad Gentry

Gentry, Monte R.



Monte Rashad Gentry 7/26/2020 To whom it may concern my Name is Monte Rashad Gentry. I am curently surving a 92 yrs sentence at the Cummins unit Arkansas Department of correction. Foe the less then a gram of crack cocain. First conviction, first time in prison and never even had a violent crime. First conviction recieved a 92 yrs sentence been locked up since "2006" 14 yrs of my life been taking away for less then a gram of crack. The way i see it i'm just one out of millions of African American target by the white man on this war on drugs. Not just any drug "crack cocain". I've met people in prison for rap, robbery, and murder with less time then me, and here it is i'm surving 92 yrs for less then a gram of crack not kilos nor truck load but (Less) then a gram of crack. I been before the clemency board twice and made it each time "Asa Hutchinson" denied me and? clearly fit the criterion of the Judgement require on the Excessive Clemency form i presented before the board and the Governor. Why will he not sign off? When i clearly been over sentence my charges only carry 10 yrs total? I go before the the clemency board again August, 6, 2020 i'm praying Asa Hutchinson feel my pain this. So much i have missed out on what hurt the most my children growing up without me. It's hard when you have no voice people forget about you behind bars. A new war has come amongst us (Covid-19 AKA Corona Virus) people in the world couldnt (imagin) what it feel like to be locked in prison dealing with this world crisis. People have died and social distents is impossible inmates nor officers want to follow the CDC guide lines therefore the risk is even higher to catch the "virus". I haven't left out the barrack i'm housed in since April. Doing everything in my power to avoid mingling with the people i means its a war witin it's self trying to survive this 92 yrs sentence on top of that the (Corona Virus.) my prayers go out to all who have lost love ones to the (Corona Virus) to be continued... Case Number pull my case number up and you will see i've been over sentence on minor drug charges and if you could by and chance know anybody thats look for cases like mine please present my case to them it would be a blessing. May God watch over us all at this time of need thank you all for steping up and being a voice for us who can't be heard...

Author: Gentry, Monte R.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: July 26, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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