To whomever attention that I

Paschal, Charles A., Jr.



NO TITLE 5/26/2019 To whomever attention that I as in Charles Anthony Paschal Jr. A.K.A. Luck "1" A.K.A. Lucky "G" Georgia State Prison Reidsville, Georgia maybe getting through this chance I'm taking to share the following essay which could be considered a vision of a better way to operate for prisoners/slaves or could be considered a testimony about the issues that matter to Incarcerated individuals in which such consideration depends on how the reader or readers take such words but before I start with the unwritten word of such essay, "I hope and pray that everyone that's aware of this essay take these words into careful consideration!" First, I think too many slaves/prisoners spend too much of their personal time fighting to try and change a system that'll never change instead of fighting to try and change the mentality of individuals regardless of race or affiliation that's currently serving sentences on these Modern Day and Modern Night slave plantations or state and federal prisons! I think once the mentality of prisoners/slaves change the unchanging system will find different war tactics to implement to keep up divisions, chaos, and confusion! The current war tactics that have been used for centuries already keep some prisoners/slaves warring against each other! I think in the home of the Brave and the land of the Free not many slaves/prisoners are taking the law into our own hands because of all the hating, snitching, and telling! So therefore, individuals as young as 18 are dying or going to die serving a sentence of life without parole! Second, I think cellphones keep some individuals content with being a prisoner/slave! Even though we're not suppose to possess cellphones some prisoners/slaves still possess cellphones and may be serving a sentence that can't be written or spoken because its so long and instead of using a cellphone we aren't suppose to possess to work on their current situation some individuals all on social websites, doing credit cards schemes, watching movies, or on porno websites! The power a cellphone brings distracts some slaves/prisoners from the reality of incarceration by allowing us to stay in touch unrestricted with the streets! At the same time cellphones can bring hatred and violence because some individuals don't have a plug on cellphones or the money to buy one so they rob or take them from other slaves/prisoners especially civilians or slaves/prisoners that aren't affiliated with a organization, or gang! Finally, I think on this topic that until all Modern Day and Modern Night slaves/prisoners figure out how to work together regardless of race or affiliation for everyone that's involved individual benefit then some slaves/prisoners are going to continue serving multiple life sentences, some sentences of life without the possibility of parole, and some sentences of death on death row! In which, some cases are full of errors on the record but disregarded by the courts!! Charles G. Pashcal Jr. AKA Luck "1" AKA Lucky "G"

Author: Paschal, Charles A., Jr.

Author Location: Georgia

Date: May 26, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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