Today I awoke with writing your prison archive’s on my mind

Gipbsin, Clarence A.



Clarence Albert Gipbsin Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility Bldg-14-cell 217 480 Alta Road San Diego, Calif. 92179 5-24-2020 To whom it may concern. American Prison Writing Archive; Today I awoke with writing your prison archive's on my mind, first as I believed I've written to you before, I've been incarcerated sense the age 16 1/2, some 30 years ago. Dispite the fact that California passed into law Senate Bill 260 and 261 which a provide prisoner youth offender to be released after serving the greater length of their prison term, I myself, have still not been released from prison according to penal code 3041, 3048, 3051, etc... That in itself is a letter of itself in issue's... However; if any person, log onto the United States Central District Federal Court filing, under the Federal Information Act, you will be able to down-load any petition, motion, I've ever filed in that district court with exhabit's and evidence, with my legal fight for civil right's, human right's, and constitutional rights and violations.! Among these civil, human, constitutional, and religious right's, filing's, you may also log onto the United States Eastern District Court under Clarence A. Gipsin (Gibson), verses, various named defendant's, and you will, under the Freedom of Information Act endless petition's, civil complaim's, and constitutional violation's and find every type of petitions for fighting for my civil religious right's, to prison condition's, brutalities, cruelities, and racial discrimination's... Most denied, rejected, or still pending! However; I write now regarding also the same, upon which every complaint filed with Military Investigation Intelligence, the F.B.I., Department of Justice, U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. House of Representative in which I am blacklisted from writing now, will find letter's expanding over 25 year's, excluding to the California Governor's, U.S. President's, Inspector General's, C.I.A, Homeland Security, National Security Agency, United Nations, and endless grievances filed through the C.D.C.R. Grievance Administration's! Which you can also retain copies of through the Freedom of Information Act! Now, the most important issue in this letter to me, though each one is extremely important, is the concern about religious dietries in California prison's! Is the vegeterian diet's! For over 20 years California Department of Correction's and Rehabilitation (1) have not or refuses to figure out how to serve religious vegetarian meals. Upon, almost every day; the main course meal is a single type or bean's! This struggle have been one of my fight's for over 20 year's! With Jewish kosher meal's at times being tampered with by other prisoner's with the theft of of food item's, the Muslim meal's almost every day receiving their proper food issue, however, the main two other faith's, meal diets being cheated, with faults. Most food manager's throughout C.D.C.R, is closed minded on vegetarian diet's as to what to serve, so almost, if not every single day, beans is the food choice of services for vegetarian's. Which have been going on for 20 plus year's. I for one, through grievances provide endless way's on vegetarian meal's services that can be served. Which is denied, an bean's become the main meal at dinner, many times at breakfast as well! The tactic, appear's to force vegetarian's to give up their religious belief on food dietry, and except meat, or such meal not process with purity, clean healthily, or religiously processed! Many institution's also refuses to serve various types of fruit's, nut's, seed's, wheat's, grain's, or the various types of herb's, root's, mushrooms, plants, etc that can be served nutritionally! It appear in many, if not, most cases the prison administration do not know how to serve meal's without meat products to those who do not eat meat, and vegan's gave it worst sense they eat no form of diary product's! Even through it is cheaper to serve none-meat products, it appear the institutional money's is not being spint on the right food by the food manager's and food management branch throughout C.D.C.R! When they do get it right, they retrack on it, and result in serving vegetarian's beans every day! Claiming bean's is the most healthiest to serve to prisoner's, which no other food product other then beans is recommended by the institutional food services and manager's! Those prisoner's not able to retain food from he the prison food canteen, result in eating mainly beans every single day for their meal's! See attached documents! Sincerely; Clarence A. Gipbsin

Author: Gipbsin, Clarence A.

Author Location: California

Date: May 24, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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