Today I made a great conscious decision

Gipbsin, Clarence A.



Clarence A. Gipbsin Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility, Bldg. 14. C-217... 480 Alta Road San Diego, Calif. 92179 5-6-2020 To whom it may concern: The American Prison Writing Archive; Dear friend's / and readers; Today I made a great conscious decision to write in into the APWA, being also one of the few who participate in poetry, reform ideology, rehabilitational programs, and ideological prison economic new system's in which I've personally written out, sent to Cornell University Alternative Library, Prison Express Program; whom I've been with sense the year 2004, or May 24th of that year! I express that prisoner writing institution because it too will be a great resource guide referral by the American Prison Writing Archives where I've provided over 16 year's, over 200 movie manscript's, over 80 book manscript's, over 5000 poems, and endless great inventions idea's! Among's with I written out massive among, and amount of teaching's on the benevolent universal ordainity, full volumes on the Beth Vau Oayn and Beta Upsilon Omega Sorority and Fraternity, encluding new youth organization's entitled The Order of the Joshua Daughter's, and Society of the Numbers Son's! Among these referral's on prison reform, I've written full program's on prison reform and rehabilitational program's I sent to the California Department of Correction's Director, petition the same reform programs to Sacramento Superior Court, provided the same to the world government's of the United General Assemblie's as well as sent these programs to California governor's, who now passed into law a band on private prison's, contrary to the reform and rehabilitation program design I written out. I say all of this; because bokes of my writing on the matter can be located at Cornell University Prison Express Program's, and Art for a Safer Street Publication for Prisoners free of charge like the (APWA), however located in Washington D.C. I am one of those prisoner's who have been incarcerated for 30 year's, first timer, first locked up in prison sense the age of 16 1/2, and have not been released sense. I wish not, at this time, to write about how over the year's I've been beat by prison officials over 9 times, denied education, only to be kept in basic adult education for 30 years by C.D.C.R., who claim I am unable to pass their test. However, I have a 4.000 G.P.A with (1) Family Radio School of the Bible and a "A.R.E." Associate Degree, among's a 3.98 G.P.A with Harvest Bible University in Los Angeles, each who allowed me to attend their school with distance learning correspondence's, where upon C.D.C.R for 30 year's have never allowed me to get a G.E.D or High School Diploma! Ect. So; if there is colleges and universities out in society who allow any prisoner to do distant correspondence as means to further help their advancement in education; I proudly say, go for even as, or, if they, or these outside school's allow you to attend them without a G.E.D or High School Diploma! go for it, if you can pass their correspondence test! Essays, or such. My brief history is extensive; however; my belief in prison reform is not yet excepted by prison's in California or America, or even in the world upon I've extensively written to the United Nations General Assembly on or about! Even as I believe in merit and demerit grades of 33 merit grades throughout the prison's with full employment for all prisoner's accordly, from the day they are sentenced by the court's! Where for (2) hr's each prisoner out of the day is assigned to school, (2) hrs out of the day they are also assigned a trade, and for four to five hour's are assigned a job assignment; That each prison shool be partly operated also like a booth camp with school, trade, and job assignment's, with means of life skills to operat their own job's and employment as assigned by paying room-in-board fee's, be also allowed to operate their own businesses taxable, with means of pay-check reduction's for restitution, victim compensation's, room-in-board, child support pay-check reduction for their own children's to go to school's, college's, ect, as well as community wage reduction from their check's as well. In other word's, if a prisoner is making $10.00 an hour; and at the end of the month he or she receive a pay-check of about $700.00 dollars each month, that check will be broken down to about $200.00 or 170.00 a month from all the necessary reduction's!!! Encluding paying into an account for their own health care, making no prisoner incarcerated indigent; however each prisoner in it's reform and rehabilitational system will not be paid for at no time by any tax payer's or by the government, but by their own work while confined, and mind brilliancy to do thing's right on a right level to good! Without abuse or (2) or without slave labor at all! That every prison will be employed, and must be given a reform and rehabilitation reform uniform to ware! This form of system will not discriminate in regard to gender, culture, class, race, denomination, or religious creed! It will draft from all religions their faith on reform and rehabilitation of prisoner's, from the Bible, Qur'an, ect. in which good designs is rewarded to doing good, and excepting all sentences given to each prisoner as their punishment! But will not disregard what they need to go-through to be reformed while incarcerated, to correct the wrong's they may have done with a merit or demerit system! With duties and responsibilities to be worked out! I have written extensively with the documents on prisons reform sent to Cornell University Prison Express Program... under also the theological teachings of the benevolent universal ordainity! That is prison orderly day of business will start at 3:30 A.M for early morning workers or 4:30A.M, at 5:30 A.M they all will be awoken for morning work out exercises for on one hour. Until until 6.30A.M. in front of their cell door or dayroom; from 6:35. until 7.25. They all will be provided a 5 second wrense of not a shower; only to wrense of their sweat! At $:7:30 they will have their meal provided to them at chow or at their cell door; by 7:45 A.M the all will be lined up for work, school, or trade; at 12. noon lunch, by 12:35 or 12:45 noon lunch is over, and back to work, school, or trade; up until about about 5:30 P.M. all prisoner's not assigned to work, trade, or school will attend their prison yard or dayroom time, until their work, school, or trade hour's come up! All those returning from work, trade, or school at any unassigned hour's will have their shower time, day room, or yard time for recreation! All people of faith will attend their religious services on their day's and at their hour's! Visiting hour's will be scheduled in the same manner! All prisoner's will be co-ed male and female with worked out medical documentation appearance by undisclosed location, if need be without contact except during work, school, or trade, ect, if necessary, seperated prison yard time (3) commissary, store, canteen will be schedualled timely, and once a week will be building cleanly inspection for merit points regarding bed's, cleaning up cell's, dayroom's, uniform inspection of inmate prisoners inspection with merit badges ect... Religious holiday's, holy day's, festival's, according to one faith will have their own celebration's, ceremonies, and rite according to their faith with a right to full participation for all their believer's! Rather, Christian, Muslim, or Jew, Hindu, or Buddhist, ect... With faith base participations and allowable practices, in theory or practice! Without discrimination, or favor. All member's of one faith will be allowed to have funded by it's own religion any festival, or ceremony, banquet's they wish to have once a year, once a week, or once a month ect... without favorite selection of one religious faith over another funded by members of their faith finances and support system inside or from the street's, equally regardless of religious belief's! All donation's to that faith or another will go to that faith institutional program's; festival's, ceremonies, rituals, or holy date's celeration's. Ect... If one faith free member's or incarcerated member finance their own programs more than another religious faith, their is no wrong, or inequality their, or unequal treatment's! It just means one faith care about their own rite's over another's, and there is no discimination their nor / no wrong committed by any! Regardless of Christian, Muslim, or Jew, ect. These will be impamented into law's, policie's any American Constitutional 1st Amendment right's ect. Please, if need be log on to Prison Express, at Cornell University if (APWA) permit this request to go through and request any information, or all information written by Clarence Albert Gipbsin, on prison reform and rehabilitation program's and prison new economic system of merit and demerit of 33 merit grades written by Clarence Albert Gipbsin or info on the benevolent universal ordainty by Clarence A. Gipbsin!? Sincerely; Clarence Gipbsin (5)

Author: Gipbsin, Clarence A.

Author Location: California

Date: May 6, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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