Today is a set standard for me to write

Gipbsin, Clarence A.



Clarence Albert Gipbsin R.J.D Bldg-14-C-217 480 Alta Road San Diego, Calif. 92179 7-4-2020 Greeting's American Prison Writing Archive; Today is a set standard for me to write for your historical records; as a African-American, is setforth my story with the institutional dentist I previous wrote about. The story how the dental prison surgeon's attempted to murder me by drilling a hole in the left side of my upper left brain area, in which caused now me to speak almost at time badly; causing me to internally bleed, with a cup-hole in my tooth. trying to make me into a zomby. By causing me to loose some of my vision, blairly, and caused me to go from 203 lb to 210 to 273 from 2017 to 2018 - 2019...where my heart felt to be sinking into my ribs, my stomach followed with blood daily, my tooth bleeding every day; my strength weakened to the point I was unable to do a push up; and a host of other things. So happened I am one of those who survived the attack; no matter what; our own governmental officials uses our own families to keep innocent people incarcerated; and even the mistreatment of their own families in the same, even as other family members fight and struggle contrary to the same, to protect them! From harm! An other's punish those for patriotic behavior's! These example's is; for the most part; a individual may have a family member who is a police, a correctional officer, or military official, and my report to them dangers that may accrue; however, the corrupt minds of such opposing family member in law enforcement may leak the information to the enemies, putting those honest family members, securing our lives in danger of such harms! Subjected to attack. While the greed of many other family member's in government as officials surveilling their family and friends, rob them of endless oeuvre's of ones life work; subjecting then to decades of poverty and impoverishment's! Robbing them of the freedoms and liberties and happiness of America independences and declarations, constitutions is built upon! I hope this brief info helps for now! Sincerely, Clarence A. Gipbsin

Author: Gipbsin, Clarence A.

Author Location: California

Date: July 4, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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