Today is going to be a good day I feel it in my bones

Benefield, Kevin M., Sr.



6/1/20 Today is going to ,be a good day I feel it in my bones. Other than that heres one for you. When you carry Bricks from the past youwind up Building the same house. It;s not tolate to be what you might of been. Each of the steps you have taken in the past has been a building block for your success in life Congratulations As I lead off , this letter here at this new jail that they sent me to on the 8th of May 2020,I'm still into my literature counted one day at a time looking at the newsand I;m glad I'mthe jails they mentioned . who has a large # of positive folks who got Corona virus This morning I spent a little $40$ on some commissary, I tried to get what I needed and what I wanted, but they did not send me my shorts so I got to get thesize 7 and not 8, that I ordered The C.o. here is talking to this 55 year old grand father like as if shes talking to a kidand by me having high blood pressure I fed into her bull, the next day we talked as if we new each other, so maybe shes a gimini or so, other that dealing with things in here for the last 10 and a half years go me use to it. Here this one The tongue has no bones but it;s stronger enough to break some ones heart I had to do that over I left tongue out at first. heres another What creature can walk on 4 legs in themorning then walk on 3 legs in the evening? Answer Human Post traumatic stress disorder P.T.S.d, Is what my bunky who went home was suffering from, due to his time with the marines, and hes only 25 years of age. I done wrote him three timesalready and he left on the 26 of may 2020 Today is the 29 of may. My cousin Christopher Wells of Hamden ct. Bestfriend/cousin Wrote me out of the Blue and the letter made my day He told me they done moved and it was good he toldand said he would be sending me something soon, and right now I could use a littlem help I done had 125$ worthy of my electronics stolen from me as i was at Jumah services, but iii

Author: Benefield, Kevin M., Sr.

Author Location: Connecticut

Date: June 1, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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