Today is going to be a good day

Benefield, Kevin M., Sr.



9/21/20 Today is going to be a good dayn Ipray bfore the sun comes up, an when you do that your whole day is good as I do every day , 5 time) a day. Looking at the news, I see Jahana Hayes cought that Covid-19 and Ipray she gets better, 9/20/20 Ruth Bader Ginsberg will be missed and I pray for her to ,. Justice Judge left at 87 years old. All I do is follow what goes on out in the wourld as I did for the last 11 years and my Lawyer said the hardest part we got now is waiting for a Court date ,then with this virus going on slows every thing up. Man isacreature of Haste, Show you my signsso ask me to Hasten. My college course for Globle Business is calling me and the rest ef my Family all went back to school for there masters and assosiate Degrees. I'm doing the same in here, next month the 19 I will turn 56 and I;m not going to be left . I learn more as I get older anyway. You know me with these Pizzas got orders for three this week, Then friday I;m going to the school block because I;m doing, I'm in the quiet room and there is so much talking in here now, but it does;nt bother me, Igot my headset on an I zone out as I been doing for 11 years. All I do is School here or go to work. Waiting for these Tablets got me stressed, Prison Policy Iniaative at P.O. box 127 out in Northampton, MA 01061 and Alexi Jones keeps me posted with any thing she learns. All I could do is wait: My family is asking me why we don;tb have them yet. I alway come out the cell with positivity and never negitive, and peoplem told me I make them happy, I;v been like that the who time I;ve been down. I thank God for every thing though, with out him there would be no me. My typing is getting better because I type more. Playing scrabble every day and not typing these Essays got me leaving my victim out there . I;m going to go and give him a chance, and I also told him to start doing sOme Essays.

Author: Benefield, Kevin M., Sr.

Author Location: Connecticut

Date: September 21, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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