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Borden, Chavelo



NO TITLE Dear A.P.W.A & All This May Concern, Today, this 11/19/2019, I've received my parole decision of "Denied." This decision is disheartening in the effects that it seems as if nothing positive a prisoner does truly matters. I understand that I committed a crime, but am I to be continuously punished for a singular moment in time? If this is true then what is justice? If it seems as if only my institutional history is the only history that matters to the Parole Board. No the history of successful completions. Per my term of incarceration, I've mentored youth nationally, written numerous educational booklets, completed numerous Christian Correspondence courses, and have even maintained a drug free lifestyle. None of this has been easy & to be honest, it seems as if my positives are being undermined by individuals who fear a man who stands for change, growth & development! It was stated that I've made no changes & that I'd soon return to a criminal lifestyle...per a Google search I truly beg to differ! Now I must further disappoint my children, Dad, & support system who may not understand that this is a system of failure for which aims to keep good men down. I'm depressed on so many levels & as I have no trust for this systems advocates....I must maintain myself accordingly as one who knows the truth!!! I'm not going to be long winded in my disappointment & all those that had high hopes pertaining to my release...I apologize & shall continue to build upon what needs light shed upon it. From the depths of my broken heart...Minister Chavelo Borden

Author: Borden, Chavelo

Author Location: New York

Date: November 19, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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