Total eclipse of the heart

Pernice, Shon



Shon Pemice 123 6421 Total Eclipse of the Heart It was August 22nd and I was standing outside with a group of about 20 inmates waiting for the total eclipse of 2017 to occur. These guys all have type—A personalities: gang members, prison tattoos, scars, bad attitudes, and just plain mean. They are waiting intently to View this epic event since mid=Missouri is a prime Viewing area. Their heads are tiled back, 3-D type glasses on, and anticipation fills the air. As my mischievous side can no longer be contained, I break the silence and ask, “Is this the type of event, like on New Year’s, where we have to kiss somebody at midnight?” In an expeditious fashion, the convicts side stepped away from me if I had an infectious disease. Although I could not see their eyes, I did observe the grimace upon their faces. I

Author: Pernice, Shon

Author Location: Missouri

Date: June 7, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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