Town business part 2: “The funk continues”

Crump, Chernikko L.



Date: 12-11-2019 Item# TB-02-P2 Page 2 Greetings, A.P.W.A contributors and audiences abroad. Once again it is an honor and a privilege to be able to share with you my thoughts, as well as first hand experiences on major issues and areas of concern we face in the American Criminal Justice System. This broadcasting is brought to you by Spit Fire To Inspire. "Remember Always Spit Fire to Inspire the World for Change". Empowered by Fire Spittaz Productions. "Gone But Not Forgotten" Before we get started I would like to take a brief moment to remember those who lost their lives in the Ghost Ship Warehouse Fire. This marks the 3 year anniversary since 36 people walked inside the warehouse party and never came back out. This blazing inferno would turn out to be the deadliest structural fire in modern California history. Date: 12-11-2019 Item# TB-02-P2 Page 3 Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with this tragedy, Ghost Ship Warehouse was a warehouse that had been illegally converted into a living quarters for a collective of artist. According to a report: In Oakland, California, at roughly 11:20 pm on December 2, 2016, a blaze broke out during a dance party and quickly spread throughout the cluttered warehouse trapping all 36 victims inside the warehouse. Report has it that these people died from smoke inhalation. We would like to have a moment of silence and I ask that you pray for these victims and their families as we remember those who died in that tragic incident at the Ghost Ship Warehouse. "Gone To Soon" *Rip Cash Askew, *Rip Jonathan Bernbaum, *Rip Matthew Bohlka, *Rip Barret Clark, *Rip David Cline, *Rip Micah Kruegar Danemayer, *Rip William Emerson Dixon, *Rip Chelsea Faith Dolan, *Rip Justin Riley Fritz, *Rip Alex Ghassan, *Rip Michela Angelina Gregory, *Rip Nicholas Gomez Hall, *Rip Sara Huda, *Rip Travis Hough, *Rip John Igaz, *Rip Ara Jo, *Rip Donna Eileen Kellog, *Rip Amanda Kershaw, *Rip Edmond William Lapine II, *Rip Griffin Madden, Date: 12-11-2019 Item# TB-02-P2 Page 4 *Rip Joseph Matlock, *Rip Jason McCarty, *Rip Draven McGill, *Rip Jennifer Mendiola, *Rip Jennifer Morris, *Rip Vanessa Plotkin, *Rip Wolfgang Renner, *Rip Hanna Ruax, *Rip Benjamin Runnels, *Rip Nicole Renae Siegrist, *Rip Michele Sylvan, *Rip Jennifer Tanouye, *Rip Alex Benjamin Vega, *Rip Peter Wadsworth, *Rip Nicholas Walrath, *Rip Brandon Chase Wittenaver. "The Funk Continues" Ladies and Gentleman, I am your host Chenikko L. Crump and I'm the executive director and producer of Spit Fire to Inspire Educational and Informative Broadcasting Series Go Ahead and Talk. Now in our previous episode of Town Business part 1 "Sho Is Funky". We discussed Inmates staging a hunger strike, work stoppage over bad conditions here at the Santa Rita Detention Facility in Dublin, California. Inmates staged what would amount to a roughly 6 day hunger strike here at the facility due to unsanitary conditions, and also complaints of allegedly finding insects and vermin droppings in their food. The strike initially kicked off in the 31 housing unit section of the Santa Rita Detention Facility. (See article: Inmates stage hunger strike, work stoppage over bad conditions, The East Bay Times, Bay Area News Group). Date: 12-11-2019 Item# TB-02-P2 Page 5 Now I myself am located in Housing Unit 7 AKA 400 Block Section of the facility. In recent days here at the facility. I was doing some research and conducting studies of behavioral patterns of incarcerated individuals here at the Housing Unit. Now mind you I myself am incarcerated here at the Housing Unit. I had the chance and was granted a pass to get a upclose and personal interview from the front line of this Peaceful Resistance Demonstration here at the facility. Now these individuals asked that their identities be kept confidential and requested to be identified as "Solid Building 7" PFN: ABC123. The interview of these individuals known as Solid Building 7 PFN: ABC123 from my report was edited then formatted into an educational and enlightening broadcast style to fit Spit Fire to Inspire's Go Ahead and Talk Series. This is Real Coverage These are Real People Spit Fire to Inspire Inc. Fire Spittaz Productions Presents: 400 degrees Date: 12-11-2019 Item# TB-02-P2 Page 6 "Heres The Scoop" The nature of this interview and report is regarding the "Protective Custody" (PC's) having access to and/or making the meals for the "mainline population". We are very alarmed and quite uncomfortable with this institution allowing "PC's" to prepare the meals for the general population mainline. Especially when its a well known fact amongst the administration, deputies and inmates alike that there exist enmity and/or hostilities between the two classification statuses. Inmates placed in the "PC" category or status has more than enough reason to poison and/or in some way tamper with the food of the general population mainliners. We demand that the Alemeda County Sheriffs Office immediately cease and desist from continuing to allow the "PC's" population kitchen workers having access to the food of the general population. Moreover, the "PC" population kitchen workers should never be allowed to prepare nor have access to any food but that of "PC" classification. We demanded that either free staff or our peers of the maximum security mainline population be permitted to prepare and serve the meals of the Max. General Population. Date: 12-11-2019 Item# TB-02-P2 Page 7 Furthermore, we'd like... no we insist the removal of the "PC's" from the general population kitchen work detail. This way inmates are ensured that workers of their own classification status are always in place. This concludes my interview and report from "Solid Seven Building PFN# ABC123 AKA 400 Block. There has been reports from a reliable source the Channel 2 News, Bay Area News Group that inmates at the Santa Rita Detention Facility have filed for a Federal Civil Lawsuit against the Alemeda County Sheriffs Office and the Aramark food vender for making profits off of inmate slave labor. We will learn more news on these matters as we have a one on one with an attorney that is handling this case and also different Bay Area human rights organizations speak and discuss the importance of human rights and give us the 411 on issues and areas of concern in the American Criminal Justice System. Also coming up from Spit Fire to Inspire: precautions and safety measures taken by the Alemeda County Sheriffs office and a near-miss as things begin to spiral out of control and the heat turns up on what was suppose to be a peaceful resistance movement. Date: 12-11-2019 Item# TB-02-P2 Page 8 Plus we go back to the front lines and get another inside scoop as we conduct close up interviews with Solid Seven Building PFN# ABC123 as they discuss problems with overpriced food items on the canteen, unsanitary conditions and other issues and concerns within the Santa Rite Detention Facility. Thats gonna wrap it up for this edition of Go Ahead and Talk. Happy Holidays to all be sure to be safe out. Remember stay tuned to Spit Fire to Inspire for the latest ground breaking news and the best coverage only at Spit Fire to Inspire Inc. Empowered by Fire Spittaz productions. This is History in the Making" -CLC Remember Alwayz Spit Fire to Inspire the World for Change... End of Report Spit Fire To Inspire Chernikko L. Crump Written, Produced, and Directed By: Chernikko Crump Cover Illustration By: Jackie D. Walker Source: The East Bay Times, Bay Area News Group. Ref Article Inmates Stage Hunger Strike, Work Stoppage over bad Conditions

Author: Crump, Chernikko L.

Author Location: California

Date: December 11, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 7 pages

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