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StompingBear Files #FREEHAPPY Transgender Issue In this essay I will write about trans issues, well one of them anyway. This issue, an injustice to me, is if the mental health decide you don't have gender dysphoria then to them, the unit admin, to all of them, you are not trans and you can not trans. Nothing is available. For me, I've always been feminine, but it seems the older I get the more woman I feel, like I have grown into a woman. I feel... I feel constricted like I'm in a straight jacket. I'm struggling to free myself of this straight jacket, my male exterior. But I can't, I don't feel comfortable expressing my flamboyant femme due to the prejudices forced by trans in prison. But if I was allowed to grow my breast and have my hair removed then I could remove the straight jacket, I could blossom into the beautiful woman I have grown to be. Why am I not allowed to blossom? I spoke to mental health a few times. One guy yells at me telling me I'm not a woman. The other guy simply says "my professional opinion is you don't have gender dysphoria." I have no recourse. I wrote requests and I continue to write requests every week. And I have wrote a couple grievances. What am I to do? The administration would prefer I not be labelled trans, as that's one less thing. How can his guy I barely spoke to contradict how I feel? I feel like a girly girl, yet he says I don't have gender dysphoria. How does his "opinion" override how I feel and what I know about me? Total B.S.! The only cases I've read, in my circuit (8th), where people won their right to trans involved self mutilation. Those people removed their own testicles. I don't have the stomach for that. I don't know what to do. I'm asking anyone, everyone, for help on this issue. I'm looking for information on estrogen pills (HRT), which pills do what and side effects etc. I'm also asking people to call Wendy Kelly, the director of ADC at 870-267-6999, tell her I want to trans and ask her why they won't let me. Or email her at My address is Happy StompingBear [ID], PO Box 1630, Malvern AR 72104. Keep in mind prison restricts personal mail to three pages, front & back = 2 pages. But mail from organizations, businesses, etc are not restricted, a nice name on the envelope can go far. Thank you all for reading my essay, allowing me to express myself, it always feels good to let it out, as here I am constantly restricted by this straight jacket. Rainbow love. #FREEHAPPY Happy StompingBear Happy StompingBear [ID] PO Box 1630 Malvern AR 72104

Author: StompingBear, Happy

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: July 18, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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