Trapped black soul

Atkins, Richard, Jr.



"Trapped Black Soul" By Richard Atkins, Jr July 4, 2019 Dear World, my name is Richard Atkins, Jr. and I have a strong story to tell you. I hope that what I’m about to say, doesn’t offend anyone/or race but inspire the generation just beneath my generation and the one before mines. I’ve learned a lot in my 38 years walking this planet. And first and foremost, I’d like to say, I am a trapped black soul. Which means that my beautiful heart has a lot of wear and tear. So my heart bleeds almost on a daily basis. I was born below the poverty line and was taught not to cry by the men in my family. My family tree stretches from America, Africa, to the Cuban Islands and the negative role models I had for uncles guided me to the streets of east side Stockton, CA. I wished many times over since I was about 22 years old in prison, that I had more business minded family members to show me the blunt purpose. My true calling. And who would have guessed that I would become a published author or that I would script a blueprint that will net me one billion dollars! In due time… My days engaged with gangs and gang culture is what influenced my decisions and trapped my black soul. I was a black soul trapped in a hold with the devil and the women in total control. The hold on my soul was due to my bad strengths and nightmares. Yes, I dreamed of success, so much wealth Bill Gates takes advice from my head. I had to prove myself killa, no money but with a hunger to slaughter my foes. I’ve seen the top gunners control the ghetto/the ‘hood until the dope they used took control. One thing I promised myself, was to avoid and rebuke all drugs except for marijuana. So to keep my senses sharp, my hands less bloody than before. I was introduced to the gang life when I was just 10 years old - 1991, summertime, in front of the Boys & Girls Club. My life changed for the worse and I found myself stranded behind four walls, time and time again. Smoking weed in my car, on a few late nights alone, I envisioned how I was doing to die in the streets? I saw my bloody body underneath the white sheets. Yes, sheets. There were five different me's lying on the pavement deceased... who had failed life. My tears, my pain comes for me, when I think of my losses. The losses of my family members and my closest friends. I never used to dream, because my nightmares ruled my brain as a kid. I come from the struggle, so I now embrace the struggle. That’s how I mentally escaped and freed my trapped black soul. I embraced the struggle, and at 33 years old I founded my company. I’m never going to fail when I have a great product, ample amount of material and a great business mind. My social skills are traumatic but with no stress. I just prefer to be direct to the point, loud but professional. My vision is like religion, only it drives in wealth from the people and the world… My soul was trapped when I thought of all the negative things that could happen, including my death. An early grave, leaving my mother and three younger sisters to grieve. Nah. That was no good. So I started dreaming like all the rest of them stars in the world, who followed their dreams. Success is like courting a woman, not a bitch, and loving her so good and peacefully that she just about worships the ground you walk on. Success is not success if there’s no struggle or gravity. There has to be a deep frequency during the road being driven to success. After I freed my soul, through my dreams and some prayers, I became a believer in trying to change the world… Don’t be a trapped soul. Believe in something or fall for nothing. Amen.

Author: Atkins, Richard, Jr.

Author Location: California

Date: July 4, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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