Treatise on science and comparative religious manipulation and mathematical truth tables: light speed space travel

Matthews, Felton Louis, Jr.



Felton Louis Matthews Jr. [ID] P.O. Box 1989-8A22-ESP Ely, Nevada 89301 Date: 8-5-2017 "Treatise on Science and Comparative Religious Manipulation and Mathematical Truth Tables: Light Speed Space Travel" by Felton L. Matthews Jr. Which is more erroneous or foolish as a man of science or a theologian? An error in thinking you can easily correct, double checking a calculation, or the stupidity of one's dark bias? It is said that nothing new is under sun. What this tells me is that knowledge has been gained and used since we were given our concept of keeping and calculating time. Simple not knowing is the equivalent of hiding something in the dark. However, when something is intentionally hidden is when our curiosity comes into play. Is what is hidden hidden for our own benefit, or is it hidden to usher us into our own destruction as a species in the universe? When you are done reading my treatise and or essay, I will let providence, science, and scoffers decide. Remember this however, just because I am a convict without a degree in astrophysics does not mean I am not right. I am an academic and a researcher in my own right. Many non-degreed inventors have contributed many inventions to science and medicine. So, I will give today's scientist and astrophysicist a choice: stop toiling in your laboratories over useless experiments or start taking a closer look at what the Anunnaki (those who come from heaven to Earth) are trying to do and say concerning us. Magic is only "magic" until you learn how to do it yourself. Magic then becomes practical theory and then it becomes science. The beautiful thing about science is that anyone can apply and use it once learned and the proper protocols for safety are in place. Ignorant mankind in antiquity have attributed science to the "Gods" (Pantheons of the Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Norse people) making it their "magic". This science was used to subdue ignorant mankind with the ignorant darkness and stupidity I have previously discussed. I caution you however I am a man of both faith and science. There is, in my personal belief and opinion, a God, only one God. My issue is that we are in a situation simply because this one God did not like us looking under his robes or inspecting his own factories and laboratories. And why should we be allowed so? Are we not simply created "children" in the grand scheme of the cosmos? Before you can comprehend or understand what I am about to divulge to you, I must disabuse you of common religious thinking and ideas. There are generic terms that have created many religious sects and denominations that have attributed to the slaughter of mankind as we know it. It appears to be a simple plan of divide and conquer. First the term "satan" simply means in Hebrew "enemy". "Anunnaki" means those (and it could be many different types) who come from the heavens (space) to earth. Satan or the "enemy" has been referred to as a he. The question that tickles in the back of my mind is "who." The catholics have dubbed this entity "Lucifer" or "light bearer". Also, the term "Devil" is referred to as he but it has also been used in gender neutral terms. And finally, for the Jews and Christians who unequivocally believe in the Old Testament of the Bible, there is the reference to "goat demons" referenced in Leviticus 17:7. Hey, does not the goat demons look a lot like the alleged Greek or Roman God "Pan"? Then there is the issue of the satyrs. So, this is where my truth table comes in. A mathematical truth table is simply a chart or grid with an array of mathematical propositions. There is the argument or proposition and three sections it drops in: True, False, or null (neither True nor False). Using this truth table, I ran a filter on the books of the Qu'ran, the Catholic Bible with duetero-cannonical and apocryphal books Esdra (Ezra) II, and the research of the late Zecharia Sitchin. As I compiled my data I referenced common biology and the work of Armand Delsemme of the book, "Our Cosmic Origins." And in my prison research, Armand Delsemme said the same thing in scientific terms proven by modern science that the Sumerians said in cuneiform and glyphs on clay tablets. As the civilians in antiquity were conquered their "gods" switched names (i.e. Zeus became Saturn when the Romans conquered Greece, Nibiru became Marduk when the Sumerians fell - see Jerimiah chapter 50). As a child, I studied on my own volition all the Greek, Roman, and Norse mythologies. I gave myself a classical education to an extent. I also studied the lore surrounding vampires, witches and witchcraft, and lycanthropy (werewolves). My studies also included the occult as far as evil spirits, demonology, and of course ghost. But, it was not until I entered prison and did my truth table and filter did I discover the two most dangerous books of all: 1). The Templar Revelation and 2). The Book of Enoch contained in the book written by Elizabeth C. Prophet, "Fallen Angels: Origins of Evil." I shall elaborate why these two books are extremely dangerous. The Book of Enoch is dangerous because it is simply disregarded by the world of science. In the bible God says his people (human beings) perish due to a lack of knowledge. Not only does this book plainly state how we were created* (Hybridization) but it says plainly when the final judgement comes we will not be able to fly away. *(Enoch 30:10). The prophecy also alludes to the Son of Man (Jesus the Christ) taking control of seven major metals on Earth. Secondly, there is a common caveat ignored by both scientists and theologians in Genesis. There was man created in general on the fifth day and there was the man made of clay in the garden of Eden. That man or "Adam" (Another generic term) was Homo Sapien man or modern humans. We simply out thought, out bred, and out fought our, uh, "cousins". In my truth table, Enoch 30:10 corroborates Genesis 32:22-28. How can Jacob wrestle an "Angel" at the place he called Peniel if Enoch 30:10 is a lie? Third, the Book of Enoch corroborates the existence of the lake of fire. (See Enoch 66:5-15 and Revelations 20:11-15). A clue was the issue of sulphur and it, the lake, being sealed. There was also the issue of not having ten percent of us left in this punishment. Scientifically, this would suggest a vast lake of sulphuric Acid. Believe it or not, I can walk you right over the Lake of Fire, on this Earth, "right now". Even worse, the lake allegedly was used on the Nephilim (those who were cast down) and the Noephilim (those who fell on their own accord). These are generic term you have to get around. Finally, the use of this uh, "lake" was designed to destroy the body but purify the soul. The entities or individuals who endured this punishment ascended from this lake back into the heavens. I have extrapolated the reason why we are getting a "one way" ticket if the book of Revelations is true is because we are in fact hybrids. The proof? Well there is only a three percent difference between modern homo sapiens and the chimpanzee. This is scientific fact. Our recorded historical record traces the descendancy of Adam to Christ a mere 14,000 to 15,000 years. So, based on my reckoning and research there is an unexplained "jump" between homo archirelius and homo erectus to Neanderthal man and Clovis man. (Generic terms again Neanderthal and Clovis got their names based on where they were found). What this means people there is no damned "missing link" and my theory is the only rational explanation for our existence. The Templar Revelation is scary because it does not reconcile belief and science. No belief is sustainable unless it is supported by at least some rationale of science or fact. We are getting on the proverbial "slippery slope" of the issue of faith. The folly of the Templars and those who wish to tie a child to the legacy of Mary the Magdalene and Jesus Christ to place him in an Earthly context is the very reason why Revelations is executing as we speak! A virgin birth is possible and it naturally occurs. It has occurred among Mako sharks and the Komodo Dragon. It is called "partheno-genesis." If it can occur naturally among fish and reptiles, why not among humans? How or why this occurs shows that we as humans have hit a brick wall. And sitting on the top of that brick wall is what we can an "Angel" or "Demon" laughing at us pointing to God. So here is the crux of the controversy: "Do we believe in who hybridized us or do we believe in who created us from scratch? There's a difference!" The Theory of Light Speed Space travel in Context to religious manipulation and U.F.O. extraterrestrial phenomena. Hermes Trismegistus said it best: "Who occurs above occurs below." Everything that occurs outer in space occurs right here on earth. We may not fully understand it, but, it does. For example, take the simple draining of a sink. We know when we pull the stopper the water drains in a clockwise direction. In Australia, the drain and toilet flush goes counter clockwise. Now take a look at our galaxy and the center of Sagittarius A (The Black Hole) what direction is it turning? What caused that hole? What is it's purpose? In common sense terms, when water gets dirty and you want to get rid of excess you simply let it out. It is my supposition there were too many stars in the galaxy when it was formed billions of years ago. These stars Nova'ed and since they "took off" there is a perpetual draining and "cleaning" of the galaxy. There is also wild uncontrolled wave energy in that region. Lots of gamma rays, x-rays, and the key electromagnetic waves which I will discuss later in this treatise or essay. Now if the Book of Enoch, it alleges that God became crossed with seven stars that did not come forth as, uh, "ordered". The book states that he has them rolling on fire as a punishment. I am not a betting man, but I will bet my parole "and" dollars to donuts that it is exactly seven stars going critical mass and Nova that has caused the super black hole at Sagittarius A. Why? There are many black holes in space triggered by only one star going Nova. Seven giant stars going Nova at once would leave a considerably larger "hole". So, my reckoning tells me that if God can hold or control seven (7) stars we can too. In Armand Delsemme's "Our Cosmic Origins" it suggest that Proto-Earth (called Tiamat for monstrous waters) was rammed by another planetoid to start the creation process. There are three key cycles on Earth to support life. 1). There is the hydrogen cycle responsible for moving water in the form of evaporation, rain, and clouds to various locations. This includes ice and snow. There is the carbon cycle that provides heat and carbon dioxide in the air to provide for plants to make sugars for food. There is also the nitrogen cycle. We simply eat plants and each other as animals and defecate for nitrogen to feed more plants and bacteria. The collision of the planetoid and proto-earth created our ozone (O3 layer that reflects excess cosmic rays back into space allowing the sun rays to provide heat). This planetoid was erroneously worshipped as "Nibiru". There is a way to terraform and "trick" near Earth planets into more Earth like traditions. A planet for example with water and tons of carbon dioxide could become inhabitable if we seed it with aggressive grasses and foliage the kudzu vine creating vast amounts of oxygen. A cold planet with little or no volcanic activity can be unlocked with key, non-nuclear explosions to start a carbon cycle warming it so we can then seed it for sugars, food stuffs, and of course oxygen. In time, the oxygen would rise and assist in creating an atmosphere. The same goes for creating an ozone (O3) on a watery planet. But the key is to trigger both the carbon cycle and hydrogen cycle at the same time. We can do this if we, as a "species", can put aside our petty bickering. There are other factors too. In finding a suitable planet there are two factors: A). The distance from the sun and B). The size of the sun in question. A larger sun allows us to be further from it. Instead of being the third planet from it we could be like fourth or fifth. We also must watch out for unstable suns. But on this matter I shall digress. I am just showing you, my readers, how God done it and designed it. The terms "Angel" and "Demon" are generic terms for something else. Accordingly to the Bible they can trick us into believing they are one or the other. I will bring to your attention two incidents. First, there is the alleged story of the prophet Mohammed receiving the Qu'ran from Gabriel. This is suspect because the seven levels of heaven and Mohammed's trip on the back of a winged horse (take your pick Nike or Pegasus) ties Islam back to the Pantheons which are false in my truth table. Then why not the fiery chariot that Enoch and Elijah got taken up in to see all ten levels of Heaven? And if Christ claims no one has been to heaven but he, where was Enoch and Elijah taken. In my truth table it only means that there is competition between God and those who created the pantheons: (The Fallen) Second Corinthians 11:14 it even states "Satan" can disguise himself to look like an angel of light. And finally the real issue. In Enoch 52 it states that the world leaders and governments will be taken away in "Iron fetters without weight" made like the enemy (Satan). Do Angels, or even God himself, have to go to a forge to subdue us? The previous issue of Enoch and the iron fetters can be found in Enoch 53-54:1-4 specifically. God has plenty of "enemies" in the Universe. The words or phrases "U.F.O." and "extra terrestrial" comes with other words like "nutjob" and "coo-koo". Well, as I studied U.F.O. abductee accounts I have uncovered a pattern. There are those people who get sunburned while encountering an U.F.O. Yeah, I know. Maybe they were hallucinating while in the sun and collapsed due to a heat stroke, or they woke up the next day in the sun. But, let's give them the benefit of the doubt. We will assume they are telling the truth. It is said in the Bible when two witnesses agree what they agree on is true. You can only get a sunburn or tan from U.V. or the rays of the sun. So we will rightfully assume that the encounterees were blasted with the exhaust of the U.F.O. at landing or departure. Now, back to the wild energy phenomena at Sagittarius A. The suns going critical mass left a byproduct of uncontrolled wave energy. The powerful electromagnetic wave energy drawing in matter makes it difficult to get away from the black hole. And there lies the key to light speed space travel. The Flaw in E=MC2 As brilliant as Albert Einstein was. He was a failure in High School mathematics such as myself (And I still graduated with honors). There is no theorem explaining the relativity of gravity and matter in context to E=MC2. We discovered how to divide matter, thus the nuclear bomb. We have not discovered "yet" how to divide energy. This is occurring at Sagittarius A in a wild and uncontrolled state. Naturally, his theory has a flaw to exploit. The key to achieving light speed is to find not energy as Albert Einstein did but to find the speed of light. So, I will use a simple algorithm to find the speed of light. E=MC²: E/M = MC²/M [cross out Ms]: E/M = C² E/M = C² given 100% equals pure Energy (1 sun) 100/M = C² 10 units of matter: 100/10 = C² C= 10 | 10² = 100 True. This is ten units of matter divided into pure energy to equal the speed of light. The sun compressed by a factor of 10 will yield a Tachyon particle discharge. That sun will then go Nova and move. It will also give off pure electromagnetic waves. Matter has to be converted to travel at the speed of light. Tachyon particles and photons have no weight and they travel at the speed of light. The ship in question has to obey the same rules as tachyon particles and photons people. We have to be on the same identical wave length. If your wifi is at 2.4 gigahertz and my wifi network is at say 10.0 gigahertz we are not going to see or communicate with each other. That is why SETI will never work! The sun is compressed by a force factor of 10 and emits tachyon particles and starts the energy division break down. If matter has to be converted or changed to achieve the speed of light, what changes does the matter go through? If the ship is counter em.field magnetized the ship will move at the same speed the "little" sun is tricked into Nova or a Nova pre-critical mass state. The electromagnetic shock wave travels at the speed of light! That is why we have U.F.O. encounteree "sunburn". I am not done. Those blindly fast and sharp turns the U.F.O.'s perform is possible due to the electro-magnetic field the star drive (Tachyon drive) generates. You see outer space is a "null gravity" field. Gravity is only relevant where there is significant planetary mass and the thickness of atmosphere. This is why a Tachyon drive or light speed space drive cannot be engaged on a planet. Lift off can be achieved only with a partial engagement of the drive. That is why our rockets are obsolete. In short, an electromagnetic field when combined or used against an object that is counter e.m. field charged created artificial "null gravity" similar to what is out there in outer space. That is why Princeton's Tokamak experiment has failed to create a sun or energy. Other issues of Religion and Science: Tricks Revealed The Book of Enoch and the Sumerian Genesis tale names names and says specifically who did what. Witchcraft is another name for holistic herbology. It has become a bane to God and the church because of the way it has been used to wield power over people who do not know otherwise. For example, the serpent in the Garden's name is "Gradel" according to the Book of Enoch. The mother-earth Goddess legends and stories can be explained by the Sumerian Genesis tales and similar tales of creation. You see, the Chinese creation tale says Niwa (A Goddess alleged) created the Chinese Asian people with clay or mud from the yellow river. Homo Erectus females cannot carry the embryotic fetus of a hybrid "Anunnaki" - Homo Erectus life form. So, who can carry it? They would have to use a "Anunnaki" female to carry "Adam" Why? Look at the stories of the Rephaim and the Anakim in the Bible. They were (14) fourteen feet tall and the birth canal cannot accommodate the head of the fetus or the weight. Gestation period is too short as well. In short, the issue of hermaphrodism (having both sex organs) can be explained in the hybridization process. If you graft a naturally hetero-sexual life form on top of a naturally heterosexual one you are going to get throw back genes and, uh, "anomalies" (Lesbians and Homosexuals and bi-sexuals). The proof? Why is there a hermaphroditic carving of an "Anunnaki" on temple ruins in Iraq? The type of soil or K/T layer space dust clay determines "skin color" on a molecular level. Hence yellow for asians and black or brown for Negroid races and red K/T layer clay for Indians. "White" skinned people suggest the hybridization was done either without the molecular bonding of K/T layer clay or it's a defect linked to a curse by God. However, if there is white sand, there is white dust. Vir is latin for man. Virus is plural for man. We were created starting out as viruses or the animal equivalent of a micro organism and we evolved. Then at some point, roughly only 14,000 to 15,000 years or so, hybridized. Chimpanzees or "monkeys" do not have different color eyes, skin, hair texture, and exhibit paranormal abilities among them. They use sticks and rocks but they do not create. There is no homosexual deviance among them and no Sodom and Gommorah (and even with the flood and Sodom and Gommorah we still have homosexuality. You can treat those issues as bio-containment. The issue is grafted on the X chromosome proven by today's science). Conclusion So what does this have to do with my prison experience. If I told you would you believe me? Suffice it to say that as I was recruited by Stanford University and two military academies for both my intelligence and athletic ability, prison allowed me the time and space to get away from the problems I was having with love and my family life. Lack of these in my life lead to bad choices and instability. You see it is very easy to say if I had not done my crime I would not be in prison. That is too pat. Lack of basic and stable social and economic structures combined with little or bad choices places you on the path to failure and death or prison. You cannot create a perfect society or the perfect penal/justice system as long as you got human error as a contingent, pervasive, self-effectuating and evil variable. I cannot blame it on drugs, alcoholism, or even sex. (Though I used sex as a crutch to get by. Bad relationship choices placed me on the path to sexual offending. I was not like "that" in the beginning.) Let it be said in the future that it was I, a black man and a convicted felon, that sent mankind into the cosmos and to a new safe planet without the politics of God and the devil. I have unraveled both Genesis and Revelations without a degree. It has been revealed to me because of open minded research and my faith with application of simple science. I have the truth of our planet and my crime. It will do me little good locked up because I have no money to pay for a simple 9th circuit appeal due to the Prisoner Litigation Reform Act and NDOC and family apathy. But due to the atrocities and injustice I have read about and seen in America in this justice system, I will keep this promise: "Haiti will see a light speed space drive before America will." I know something about the God-Satan controversy that scientist and Theologians will never believe. And it's right on this planet and I can prove the fuel for the drive and ship materials are right here on Earth. "Satan" fell in a ship. Felton L. Mathews Jr.

Author: Matthews, Felton Louis, Jr.

Author Location: Nevada

Date: August 5, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 15 pages

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