Trip to the tropics

Inmate Rauda



Inmate Rauda California Trip to the Tropics Police are crooked so crooked in fact, that they set me up to take psychotropic medications, first of all I have a history of depression, as I sometimes get depressed or low in situations such as incarceration, I don't take medications, I don't feel they work for me. While serving a term in prison I tried to seek a higher level of mental care, after months of counseling, mental staff at the prison approved of a medical transfer to another prison for program required, after arriving at the new facility I was evaluated by mental health staff within days I was denied eligibility for the program and released back to general population at that same prison to continue serving out my sentence. I have a short history of being assaulted and jumped by inmates in my county before arriving at prison. And on this particular yard was one inmate who I had altercations with before in county jail. There is no record of these incidents as they occurred in cells in front of other inmates?? Yet it is my belief that officers intentionally sent us both 2 they same prison, because soon there after inmates (yard reps) of two separate prison gangs wanted to see my paperwork (court records, rap sheet) to verify I was not a snitch or sexual offender, I provided the paperwork as I knew the accusations as false, this did not solve any problems inmates were told to stay away from me, I was celled up with other inmates who didn't get along with other inmates, I was being called a snitch/dirty behind my back. At this time I decided to submit a written appeal as to the refusal of mental health care, I even filed a 42 U.S.C. 1983 civil suit, in retaliation the prison officials and mental health staff decided to hold a "keyhea hearing" This is a civil hearing they hold to determine whether to administer psychotropic medications without patient consent, needless to say they won based on medical history and suicide risk. The medication they gave me made me sleepy or drowsy all day I could barely get up in the morning. This is all going on while inmates are conspiring against me, I endured this treatment for a few months that was left on my sentence then released on parole. My appeals were denied at each level, the civil suit was also denied. At this point there still is no clear standard or rules that prevent inmates or officers from singling out or retaliating, or victimizing someone actually if you show signs of mental illness or realness, your more likely to bring negative attention. Some prison inmates do not allow other inmates to take medications for mental illness or to go to mental institutions, I am doing time again and still my mental institutions, I am doing time again and still my mental history is working against me in order to recieve counseling I am not allowed to got to a lower level facility such as a camp or Ranch, I am not currently taking medications but I still have years to do.

Author: Inmate Rauda

Author Location: California

Date: May 4, 2015

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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