Trump ain’t feeling us?

Atkins, Richard, Jr.



"Trump Ain't Feeling Us?" by Richard Atkins, Jr. May 9, 2019 High Desert State Prison The President of the United States of America ain't feeling us blacks. Well, I'm good with that. The feeling is mutual. Trump is simply put, a clown of a man, who craves attention like a baby. That's what our president's problem as a person is, or so many would think. The president is a seeker of attention with the world his prey. Trump enjoys being the center of attention. Why is that? I hear the things the man has said and I was at first upset and disappointed in the man but quickly recognized his pattern for attention. His methods for attention. Trump isn't going to harm a hair on anyone's head. His trash talk is simply just that. I would bet my bottom dollar that Trump is a character in motion. He's used the presidency to amass more popularity and so that his brand is more stronger than ever! He's already licensed Donald J. Trump out across the world and imagine how his brand is doing now? We've all played right into his hands and became a player in his game of chess. Donald J. Trump is one of the smartest men walking this earth among us. And he's mastered the media in the way that only Tupac Shakur/Michael Jackson was able to do. Oh, and Elvis... DJT, is in a chess match with the people around him and also of a great magnitude. 'Cause his popularity will be etched in the history pages! Trump, at the same time was willing to sacrifice the United States of American people for that popularity. Something tells me that Trump has no problems with any race. But his differences stems from us common folks tax bracket. It's all a numbers game with Donald J. Trump. Why you think celebrities like Steve Harvey and Kanye West endorses this bigot? Steve Harvey and Kanye West are far from Uncle Toms. They're like iconic in this world with millions of followers. They support Trump when it comes to money. So they're not concerned about his verbal antics and image all that much. No. Them and the people who put Trump in the White House had a masterful plan! A plan to make billions of dollars for all in their circle to pocket. And Trump is forever the salesman. It's about money in America. It's about the money across the globe. And our president is doing the job his campaign came up with, period. He will do exactly what he's been doing and if he somehow gets re-elected then we should recognize a man at hard work, to make due and good on the promises he made them... This is who the president of the United States is, as a person, a man. As the most powerful human being in America! But his money isn't what he has claimed to be...

Author: Atkins, Richard, Jr.

Author Location: California

Date: May 9, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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