Truth defeats lies

Spencer, Patel



Truth Defeats Lies 
 I never understood the purpose of my future until I humbled myself and studied the meaning of my past. My life has been consumed by numerous events that has sculpted, built, deteriorated and destroyed who I am and who I am not. There exist a saying that states, "You are what you consume". There are many ways to consume for example, mental consumption, physical consumption, and emotional consumption are amongst the few. Breaking down and consuming life events mentally, physically and emotionally can be both productive and destructive. Both positive and negative situations in my life has transformed me and allowed me to prosper, However, where light exist darkness follows. As much as I have mentally, physically, and emotionally consumed light, I have also digested my fair share of darkness which has held me back from reaching my fullest potential. This positive and negative consumption of life events is the soul purpose of my transformation. My past is, Where I've been, Where I am going, Who I am, and Who I will become. As young kids searching for a rank amongst our peers, we want to either fit in or stand out. We often depend on illegal activities to accomplish such status. Growing up in the hood, slums, broken homes or whichever label we may use to justify our behaviors; we all live by the same morals, values, or codes. We come to believe that the glamour and bling that we see in music videos and gangster movies is reality. We then believe that these materials are what define us as strong, successful individuals. We will risk our freedom or even our lives to consume money, power, and respect or any other unnecessary desire. We often claim that we commit these foolish or deadly risks to solely support our kids or love ones, However, we frequently purchase unnecessary and expensive jewelry, clothes, cars etc. Our families do not benefit from such egotistic materials that we purchase to simply stand out or fit in. If we can truly be real with ourselves we will admit that we do these crimes and actions for the rush, the ease, the feeling of being untouchable. We take these risks to build our ego, to achieve something physically, mentally, or emotionally in which we lack, or even to become something or someone that we believe to be superior. Our ego is that of a wild animal; it will constantly take a risk to consume larger prey and even death in order to survive. Being said, we as criminals will overlook potential harm or deadly consequences to satisfy our greed. The majority of our population (Felons) justify the wrong doings that we have committed by claiming, "we were dealt a bad hand" or "we did it for our families". We came to believe that we were leaders, bread winners or head honchos. We would flaunt our money or even give it away to show dominance or to show that we "take care of our hood". This constant consumption of lies and deceit transforms us into frauds. After all, we are what we eat. Engaging in illegal activities to obtain money some of us were indeed supporting our family, friends or significant other. We would pay bills, rent or control any other financial obligations. After our criminal actions have led us to incarceration the majority of us become dependent on the very people who were dependent on us. We will then expect these people to fulfill our needs. If we supported an individual who was irresponsible or who was a drug user, we then expect that person to become sober and responsible just to satisfy our needs. We will even expect or force an individual who is a responsible, law abiding citizen to engage in illegal activities just to financially build our inmate account or to feed our addiction. We will exhaust another and take until there is nothing left. There are facts behind the saying, "Adapt to your environment". In other words, become physically, mentally and emotionally adjusted to the new conditions of your surroundings. Many of us, as inmates, not only adapt to our imprisonment, but, we often adopt deceptive or artificial behaviors and lifestyles to fit in or to become superior amongst our peers. We are loyal to the codes of the streets; robbing, dealing, and stealing, but, we fail to honor the legal code of conduct. In other words, the everyday rules and regulations of society. We will spend years in prison working hard for pennies but we disregard dedicating those same years of hard work to legal employment. We, as irresponsible individuals, convince ourselves that through this time incarcerated we have become smarter, healthier or rehabilitated than we were before imprisonment. How can we allow ourselves to accept such lies when all that was achieved were the same activities that existed prior to incarceration. Life is about making the right decisions to overcome different obstacles that threatens or hinders your goals or success. To succeed one must defeat all competition. We can compare life to a game of chess. Each piece on the chess board represents several assets, family members, or other people, places, or things that we love or value. With each calculated move we believe that these actions will allow us to withstand or prosper through threats or obstacles. Sometimes the unexpected may occur and we must prepare for delay or unwanted change. In chess we must change our strategy or sacrifice different pieces in order to triumph. In life, there exists habits, addictions, or other negative attributions that will deter our success and like pawns we must sacrifice these things to continue along our path to success. There are also times when we may be faced with an option or no option at all, to sacrifice major parts of our lives. Family, friends or even our beliefs may be affected. A strong chess player will sacrifice their queen or rook knowing that despite the piece's strength, in order to prevail, one must give up such piece. In life we must be strong and understand the power of sacrifice. This will allow us to prevail and prosper. Many life circumstances will create traps that looks tempting. If not careful or trained we will fall into these temptations. We encounter situations that appear fascinating or easy to accomplish. We will take action to quickly failing to contemplate any consequences from being blinded by the sight of simplicity or glamour. When action is taken and the feeling of prosperity is gained, we are then often confronted with consequences that we failed to acknowledge before. In the process we lose jobs, loved ones, our freedom, or our lives. If our lives are not taken, we can then choose to quit or fight to overcome the pain, hate or image that we have created for ourselves. Smart thinking, careful planning and dedication can allow us to put our priorities in order. We will then become aware of the same triggers or mistakes that has crippled us before and we will be able to avoid defeat or loss. Knowledge is knowing the truth or facts about a situation or event. Wisdom is applying what knowledge you possess. The positive and negative experiences that we endure throughout our existence creates a mental perception of the mathematics, methods and operations of life. Hence, life is what you make it. We must not allow the "Blocks Of Corruption" to build in our mind. These blocks will construct viciously and effect our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, etc. The longer that we delay to change these behaviors, corruption will have constructed a mental prison with blocks of personal hate, lies, lust, drugs, anger, etc. We will no longer be able to think for ourselves giving circumstances and other individuals the ability to dictate our mood and our behaviors. Our reality is formed by events or experiences that our mind digest. These digested events are then broken down by thoughts, perceptions, feelings, will, memories and imaginations into positive or negative nutrients such as pain, struggle, happiness, fulfillment, etc. It is understood that our physical bodies will develop much stronger from exercising and digesting proper vitamins and proteins. By exercising the mind and by retaining positive concern, interest, feeling, or action, likewise, our minds will also develop much stronger, wiser and also easier to control. I no longer view obstacles, but, rather, opportunities. Through my eyes failure is not an option. Success and achievement is all that exist. By not thinking failure, failure does not live. I have come to believe that I am not my worst enemy, but, rather, my only enemy. 
 Peace Be With You, [Name Covered]

Author: Spencer, Patel

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: April 10, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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