Truth or the ‘trilogy’?

Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim



"Trick or treat, 'Bread' or 'circus' (Juvenal)?" "Truth, or the 'trilogy': 'trine,' means - 'thru-each' (9), cf. angels?" (c) ARA "To thee We sent the Scripture in truth, confirming the scripture that came before it, and guarding it in safety: so judge between them by what G-d hath revealed, and follow not their...diverging from the truth that hath come to thee." (Qur'an 5:48) "This Qur'an is...a confirmation of (revelations) that went before it, and a fuller explanation of the Book...." (Qur'an 10:37) There are three (3) manner of truth (or skins) perceived: (a) that, weighed by (5) senses; (b) that, understood by (10-parts to) the brain; and, (c) 'Absolute-Truth' (Latin: solvere - 'to untie'; and, (cross) Latin: durus - hard, durare - 'to last long') from, 'Ab-' away from (Latin) 'In the beginning....' (Bible, Gen. 1:1; and, John 1:1, NAB), we have a choice ('to live -- to hard for many to understand -- and; 'to die')! 'In Federal prison (plantations), 'in here,' like 'out there' (citizen's); govt tells us lies! 'Nothing is safe.' Each (poor) person (both: 'in here'/'out there') is under the delusion; of the govt! I'm sure many (anagram: ruse, user, sure; etc.) do not concur! But, 'the truth don't need no support'! Here are four (4) big lies: (c) 'Better off then than now' (Hosea 2:9, Bible); (d) 'the south shall rise again' (after, Civil-war-boast); (e) 'make america great, again'; and, (f) 'to win not-with-standing'! Only, the first (c) leads the way, because of premise: 'the past better than present'! So, 'how many of y'all unaware' (of 'ruse' by the govt)? Come on, if past is better, than a child; never-should grow up, 'like base, who, believe': 'them-their-lies'! So, I, again draw-connection: 'in/out-there'; in a prison! Consider, the Earth is, one-prison? Here, ADX Max (Florence, Colorado), nepotism (like: Unions Armed Forces Creed -- 'brothers before others' -- Faith based groups; even, racists; etc.) rules! Therewith, indebtedness; and, on and on.... For durance to live, under such, 'illegality' (Title 5 U.S.C. 2301-02-3110); only, time (durance) determines recidivism! Given, 2016 (to now) repeal; of pre-2016 rules/laws (now: share (1 of 2) "Truth, or the Trilogy: 'trine...'!" (continued) ARA (c) [redacted] (Wisdom Slra, 6:1 'the double-tongued.' NAB) croppers), durance less prepared (than ever before)! Never-mind, the rejected products (given/sold us)! Or, that on 7-19-19 (Trump) Exec. Or., that U.S.D.A. (Scientists) Employees relocate (to Missouri); 'what an impact'.... Oh yeah, on 7-19-19, 3-thousand Federal durance paroled (1-thou deported)! If y'all (poor) have no power (like durance), isn't that harmful? How is it, those in power ('in/out') care: for-the-rich; when: 'But the wicked are like the tossing sea which cannot be still. Its waters cast up mire and mud'? (Isa. 57:20) 'A runaway train' (Trump-Justice dept; McConnell & 'blind mice - Senate/Reps; and Roberts, Kavanaugh, Alito, Gorsuch, Thomas - judiciary), 'passes through'; 'enroute to the destruction-of-america' (these people have homes: outside of USA; you think?)! I am doing, 'my civic duty'! Can the reader say, the same; about the govt? Of course, find fault ('I'm a durance, for 29.8 years on 8-5-19'; 'If G-d Wills'?) but; don't ignore-the-truth! As I see it ('sleep on concrete bed-plastic mattress'; two (2) wool blankets -- allergy to wool -- wear gym shoes (all year); water cannot get in my 'good eye,' yet 'have to drink'; must buy -- pre-2016-issued -- all cosmetics and 'no more cleanser allowed' - just to name a few), we (durance) are the examples: 'trash dummies, crash dummies, test cases, laboratory mice, foolios, et cetera'! But what about 'y'all'? Well, I know (from Media), y'all are like: hamsters...'; except, they have a purpose; 'they are captives' entertaining.... Now, I know how this reads, so 'I apologize': for the truth! You all are not getting much (Truth); 'just watch, listen, read' ('three blind mice,' or 'death, dumb, blind')! Oh yeah, 'base,' I understand! You all have a type of faith (Trump), but; that's fideism - reliance on faith' (meant for 'Jesus')! 'You got it twisted': 'If they will not listen to Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded if someone should rise from the dead.' (John 5:46-47, NAB) repeats ('in/out there'): 'nothing new...'!" ARA (c) [redacted] 7-28-19 ADX plantation (CO) (2 of 2)

Author: Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim

Author Location: Colorado

Date: July 28, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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