Typical example of prison corruption

Crowell, Rick



"Typical example of Prison Corruption" 8-29-18 
 I have written over 50 articles depicting the many and varied Department of Corrections crimes and corruption! It is a fact that prison officials have a literal "license" to violate statutes, laws, both constitutions, civil rights and in the extreme, human rights. I've experienced the extreme several times. Most taxpayers do not comprehend that it is "their" tax dollars that are used to "defend" these megalomaniacal law breaker despite rules stating the Attorney General "cannot" defend those who violate law!! It's truly absurd. One form of crime consistently engaged in by Correctional Officials is retaliatory destruction of, withholding of, or tampering of mail!! The exact U.S. Codes and Statutes these crimes violate are: 18 USC 1702; 18 USC 1703; MCL 752.11; MCL 750.505; MCL 750.478. This is only to name a few!! A prisoner who is targeted for destruction of mail (all that is needed is a phone call the Mail Room or Inspector's Office) who writes to the State Police, lawmakers, prosecutors, U.S. Attorneys or even Postmaster General runs head first into fraternal wall after wall of conspiracy!! Literally nobody will even attempt to hold Correctional Officials responsible for criminal acts "unless", and this is the only exception, these crimes are reported upon in the media or press. I now report upon criminal acts by Mail Clerk Dan Groth as well as efforts to "cover up" his crimes. On 4-23-18 I was transferred to Baraga Maximum Correctional Facility which was blatant retaliation for compiling a mountain of evidence of criminal acts by Ionia Correctional Facility Mail Clerk Steven Karbar. Dan Groth is Mail Clerk at Baraga Max. I sued Mr. Groth in 2014 for blatant destruction of personal mail and magazines. I initially tried to make peace with Dan Groth and requested a clean slate. He refused. He right away began with baseless, retaliatory mail rejections. I signed off on the first couple of his rejections. However his 5 manufactured, criminal 8-3-18 rejection of Elaine Paqels "Gnostic Gospels" made me realize he's not going to quit. He claimed in his rejection that books from AMAZON (an approved vendor) must be accompanied by a receipt or invoice! He claimed Policy Directive 05.03.118 as authority for his blatant retaliatory rejection. Although a prompt hearing is required, I have yet to have a hearing. Hearings Officer T. Bastian told me to my face it "don't matter what" I say as he's going to ride with his co-worker. I filed a retaliation grievance demonstrating mine and Dan Groth's history. In my grievance I pointed out that nowhere in policy does it state books must have an invoice. To even further prove retaliation Amazon called this facility and they still refused to give me my book. On 8-9-18 a P. Mayo, Grievance Coordinator, issued a grievance receipt and assigned T. Bastian as "Respondent." Following letters to Warden Dan Lesatz and Ms. Holly Kramer, MDOC spokesperson, the plot thickened. On 8-22-18 P. Mayo reopened to the grievance, claiming I cannot grieve policy (I wasn't) and that P.D. 05.03.118 states I need an invoice. However, this is a lie which constitutes a criminal act under MCL 750.248!!! On 8-23-18 P. Mayo issued a 2nd Grievance Receipt changing the I.D. #!! And the beat goes on!! Until taxpayers begin to demand accountability, your tax dollars will be used to defend State sanctioned criminals!! Do taxpayers really want a prison system in which criminals are watchin criminals? 
 By: Rev. Rick Crowell #[ID] 13924 Wadaga Rd. Baraga, MI 49908

Author: Crowell, Rick

Author Location: Michigan

Date: August 29, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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