Unfortunately this is my second time in prison

Van Helsing, Adam



1 Unfortunately, this is my second time in prison, and for the same things (H.M.V.O.). Manufacturing meth, and possession of drugs. I flattened a five year sentence, at Northwest Correctional, at the time it was called The Thunderdome, for all the fights and stabbings. I saw a Black man get stabed by a sharpened lawn mower blade, he made it to the front door of medical and died. Recently, at Trousdale Turner Corrections Center, I saw a young man get his throat sliced by a razor blade that was glued between two popsicle sticks. Your surrounded by some really bad characters, murderers, rapist. One sees things, hear, and goes through things that causes stress, anxiety and depression. One thing for instance is shower security the gangs have. Where one member showers and the other stands outside as security. You have to stay clear if you violate most the time you'll get beat up and also have to pay a $25.00 fee to that gang or get robed, then beat up more and possible raped. Just from experienceing this alone I have P.T.S.D. from being in prison I've seen just as much drugs in prison as on the streets. With just a bigger price tag, for instance. A suboxen strip runs anywhere from 50.00 to 200.00 each. Putting all the drug dealers, pimps, mafia, and cartels together is just a recipe for 2 disasters, there needs to be a better way to reform people. I asked for rehab. The judge in my County said, we've got the best rehab they are. Tennessee department of corrections..but come to find out by me experience it was the worst. I believe close to half the population was on some type of drug...if you wasnt a drug addict before you come to prison, you were when you got out. I've learned that prison only makes people worse. Myself for example, I did my first K-4 [dilaudid?] (pain pill), from my cellie, his wife had breast cancer and had them removed. So she ends up bringing them to him via he vagina then to his anal cavity. I end up using a needle he used and end up finding out he has Hepatitis C. Eventually I get tested and I've got it. Then theres the tattoos. I went in with 3 small tattoos that was not visible. I came out sleeved, chest, back, neck and feet covered. Then theres being told, what to wear, how to wear it, when to eat what to eat. Then your put in a 8x12 cell more than likely with someone slightly crazy or either you can't get along with. It's all extremly stressful in the beggening, eventually you'll work your way up and find a good cellie you will be able to get along with. I've also learned that 3 getting into some type of physical fitness, if youre able, helps with stress and depression and staying to yourself is best. Going to school and learning some trade if they offer it is also good and it helps for parole to, I've also seen prison staff bring in various things, like cell phones, tobacco and drugs money talks, if you have the money you can get just about anything, try to stay out of dept. I've seen alot of fights, stabbings and robberies I'm still standing after almost 10 years locked up. I once herd that the statistics on inmates that made parole, 85% of them would return within a year. I was 100% for sure I would never be back, I was very wrong, I made it 7 months. For the same thing manufacturing meth, I had just flattened a 5 year sentence, now I'm doing 34 years for 2 counts initiation of process to manufacture meth, schedule II meth, criminal simulation, and H.M.V.O, it really does not seem fair. My charges are none violet. I've seen many, many, rapists and murders get less time. Thats my luck, always has been, I get the crap end of the stick. I guess I just have to keep my head up and stay strong. God speed!!! Adam

Author: Van Helsing, Adam

Author Location: Tennessee

Date: August 26, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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