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"UNIONVERSALIZATION" (I.E., Human Rights, Politics, Economics, and Religion) By: King William AKA "Pye Face" and Keelo of the United K.A.G.E. Brothers and Sisters International Union "Political leaders are aware that their political parties will be eradicated and vapor after the viper strikes peacefully in the workers field, because political leaders cannot exist without populace that follows them." - Poor Kingism and Self-Realization "After waiting six years Jehoiada the priest decided that it was time to take action." - 2 Chronicles 23 "The leaders of the disbelievers from his people said "He is no more than a man like yourself; His wish is to make his superiority over you." - Surah 23 Al-Mu'minun "Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds. - President Franklin Roosevelt "BROTHERS AND SISTERS" Are you aware that the Evolution Revolution is long past the 5th realm??? I now come to this panel's discussion, from prison to the streets, to announce that it's time to advance our union on a more universal level. To the populace and the 2.3 million that are either incarcerated, or on parole, and/or probation re all witnesses to the "Dirty Politics" for far too long! The proletariat class'/poor peoples' suffering from both water, fire, earth, and air pollution due to the bureaucrats "intentional" malfeasance. For example, according to studies, children with elevated levels of lead in their blood are more likely, in adulthood, to commit crimes, to be imprisoned, to be unemployed or underemployed, and/or be dependent on governmental services. The aforementioned above example is in regards to the recent Flint, Michigan water crises. However, "us" poor Kings and Queens who remain to pull and strive, or "tug-of-war" at the ball and chain wrapped around our conquered thrones. We mustn't fail to remember the broken levees in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, and the ongoing photo opt displayment of Haiti,, and also the environment genocide that is taking place in Hawaii. We have witnessed and reviewed many narratives rooting mass incarceration to systemic racism. With this principle of ideology becoming even more common to everyday working class - "the taxpayer," I say, regardless of your political party, regardless if you are a practitioner of "K"emet Neter(s), "A"ztec Mystic Templars, "Gnostic "E"arth Intellectualism, together on a universal level we can shout and march "I DON' HAD ENOUGH!!!" We have had enough in that the intellectuals are well aware tat it is even more critical for us to take a proactive stance to prevent such "man-made disasters from occurring in the first place. That means voting, protesting, or any other means are required to publicly, and vocally elect, and appoint officials that will be more accountable in consistently demonstrating through their policies and conduct, that the values of poor people's lives are equal to that of the higher sovereignty. "Intellectualism is the opposite pole of intelligence, it is very different from the 'Illuminated Intellect'. Intellectualism is a mixture of the psychological "I" with the information acquired through the external senses. Intelligence is an attribute of the being. It is a faculty of the superlative consciousness of the being. The conscious humanity works with intelligence, the tenebrous mechanical humanity gets its level of social, economical, and political prestige by working with the astute intellectualism, working with the mechanical part of the intellectual center. This means with the worst part of it." K.A.G.E. PRINCIPLE OF IDEOLOGY - KINGS: Men, women who transcend in character, leaving behind a wave of legacies that will forever reverberate throughout mankind as well as the distance galaxies of our universe. Men who stand upright and firm without defeat or compromise fulfilling moral and profound obligation and duties in liberating and unifying the King and Queens; - AGAINST: The dark forces of one imagination lies a tide of injustice, confusion, and disarray, real men and women would take a stand making a rational decision whole heartily, in a need for sacrifice in hopes to prevent a catastrophic event in which can lead to a repetitious domain. - GENOCIDAL: A psychosis affecting both the conscious and subconscious experiencing a series of distorted perception, ideologies, and views causing absolute self-denial, while expressing violent tendencies towards ones own nature, and surroundings seeing his or her own people as the enemy. Prior to the real enemy desiring to annihilate his or her opponent through a serious psychological warfare, socially, systematically, economically, and politically. - ENVIRONMENTS: Natural volumes of space and atmosphere created or designed for all sorts of habitance a surrounding that serves bot man and animals naturally or artificially, any space that offers opportunity or creativity for any person, place, or ting. (See more in Contributors Essay.) UNIVERSALISM It has already been established that we aim to unite and unionize the movement form within the belly of the beast to without. Again we wish to maintain unity among all people, regardless of race, color, etc. We believe through diversity and harmony that we can present a more feasible, as well as more universal curriculum that would exceed long past disunification subjected upon the poor and "colorful" class. Because of the capitalist theory, we hope to polarize our branches and ideologies only in cycled or fixed point to display our common ties against the opposition parties. This sort of profound consistency will only strengthen our groups focal points as follows: - Inside and Outside Collective Objectives 1) Continue to be the catalyst that eradicate the separatist frivolous propagational aim to escalate self-hate and other acts of inner-hostilities that would keep the laymen colonized far away from the treasure of "Self-Realization"; 2) Register: K.A.G.E. Universal Life Church i.e., ("K"emetic Neter(s) "A"ztec Mystic Templars, "G"nostic "E"arth) 3) Product: create banners - T-shirts, Egyptian/Kemetic headwraps, beads, and other ancient religious items with our logo, candles, special lights, or holiday ornaments. 4) Connect with Prison Outreaches: Collect Ancient Kemetic Tantric, Yoga, Tantra, Sex Magic Books, Videos to advocate healthy sexual lifestyles, as well as prolife for mena dn women behind or beyond the "razor-wire"/prison. (I.e., spiritual consort ceremonies). 5) App/Website: Create an app as video games formulated to reflect our books, articles, and develop comic and adult coloring books, and tattoo collection. 6) Play and Dress-up Forums: establish an outlet so the Gods and Goddesses can act out scriptures and dress exotic to create photo albums for prisoners, et. al. This would be of real people and their ability to relate, and engage each photo album will be an example of a personal magazine also offer sexy catalogue of sexy photos. 7) D-House 4 The C.U.R.E.: Incorporate the team from the D-House, Bobby Hemp drive to empower fundraiser, and to boost awareness and cultural exchange... 8) Cultural Foods: Develop an "Exotic Menu"; Make "all" culture's food available to prisons, as well as "street vendors" (Joint Venture with Food Trucks, Local Soul Food Restaurants, Farms). Focusing on rural areas, factories, and field work sites. 9) Television and Radio: Establish a live platform for our (U.K.B.) Music Group of racial diversity, Lyrics and Image to be based around Ancient as well as present culture(s), politics, economics, and religions via T.V. and Radio (outside of Western Ideologies). 10) Transportation: Provide safe transportation the Elderly which would include field trips for the youths to pair-up with Grandparents for mentor projects, as well as visits to prison, etc. (See: "Baby Mothers and Wives" proposal attached). Note: We are seeking Sponsors, Writers, Artists, Student Unions, Publishers, Graphic Art Designers, Models, Prison Activists and Reformists, Yoga instructors, Transportation Drivers, I.e., "Anyone' Who is interested and willing to assist in Promotion, as well as assisting in the promotion of peace as a moniker "We Promote Peace as the New Cool!" For more information and/or how you could contribute to proposals: P.S. "They Acting Like Hoover Part II," coming soon.

Author: King William

Author Location: California

Date: 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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