Unique rhythm

Erby, Maurice L.



Unique Rhythm: Prisoner. Tortured and falsely imprisoned, 55 year old (Scorpio), single black male, whose 5'8, 160 lbs., caramel complexioned, whose physically fit, fairly intelligent and somewhat humorous. I am currently serving sentences of: second degree parolable Life, 20 to 40 and two years for the crimes of Attempted Robbery, Attempted Murder and Felony Firearm offenses that I honestly did not commit, and that I was wrongfully convicted of by a misled jury, with my convictions for these crimes being based on perjured police testimony and the prosecutions fabricated evidence - while the prosecution and my court appointed attorney, both, colluded in concealing exculpatory evidence of my innocence, and the judge adamantly refused to let me address the court during critical proceedings that prevented me from presenting to the court myself, the exculpatory evidence of my "Factual Innocence" of these crimes in 1986 - while I was not creating any disturbance in the court of any kind. Once I was convicted of these said crimes in 1986, that I was denied my, "Initial Appeal of Right" ('IAR'), where due to my destitution the trial court purposefully appointed an appellate attorney that long had been known to have a history of severe ineptness in representing other defendants before and after the attorney was appointed by the trial court to represent me on my 'IAR' - as had been reported on by the local, "Detroit News" and Detroit Free Press" newspapers. As I was denied my 'IAR' where this court appointed appellate attorney never fully investigated the essence of my criminal convictions he was appointed to represent me on in my appeal. E.g., the appointed appellate attorney never personally talked to me by visit or telephone - he obtained only a very... limited amount of records from the trial court that related to my criminal convictions - such he obtained only the trial transcripts, and the appellate attorney did not obtain any of the police investigative reports - witness statements not transcripts of any of the hearings held in the trial court prior to my trial. The appointed appellate attorney filed a flimsy appellate brief in the Michigan appellate court on my 'IAR' that contained two trivial issues. As the appointed appellate attorney even adamantly refused to provide me with any access to the records on my criminal convictions that he obtained from the trial court, that prevented me from failing a supplemental appellate brief in the Michigan appellate court on my "IAR" of me raising in it many much more meritorious issues of error(s) in my criminal convictions that I am entitled to relief from the appellate courts on had I had been allowed to file the supplemental appellate brief before the appellate court made its decision on my "IAR", that unjustly affirmed my criminal convictions. Evidence of my factual innocence is: My clothing and physical features do not come close to matching the victims description of their actual assailant - it's like a nightand day dramatic difference. I was not selected from a live show up held at police headquarters less than twenty-four (24) hours after the crimes allegedly occurred. My attorney and the prosecution, both, failed to produce known "res gestae witnesses whom were at the scene of the crimes and gave an account of acknowledging the events that could have been greatly favorable to my trial defense. I have been destitute throughout my more than 33 confinement and I am clearly without any financial resources that can help me prove my "factual innocence" of these said crimes. And this is what have kept my stuck in prison for so long. My life is currently in "great danger" by corrupt state sources of the, "Michigan Department of Corrections" ('MDOC') and the Federal Courts, i.e., corrupt Federal Courts ('FC') of Michigan. My 33 years of confinement with the MDOC have been plagued by unbridled terror, that's been orchestrated and carried out against me by MDOC administrators, from prison-to-prison without any provocations from me. Instead, its been done because I've been an avid grievant and litigious prisoner that has been subject to some on the record issue and overt corruption I've experienced by the federal courts I've trying to expose to the public and all so-call liberal agencies have shunned me and my relentless endeavors to expose it. MDOC administrators have subjected me to many physical and BRUTAL beatings while I was fully shackled and without provocations from me in many separate incidents that I even U.S. Judges having knowingly filed false court orders, judgments, etc. in my civil litigations it is I earnestly prosecuted in my propria persona against MDOC administrators, to U.S. Judges having allowed MDOC administrator defendants to intentionally withhold "SMOKING GUN" type of discovery documents that the U.S. Judge (Judges) ordered MDOC administrators to disclose to me, as such documents would have showed MDOC administrators conspired to kill me themselves, and in other case would've revealed MDOC administrators conspired to have me killed and attacked by other prisoners; on to the Government wanting to have me killed in prison to prevent me from proving my "factual innocence" of the above said crimes that I am falsely imprisoned for. My life is currently in Great Danger from state and Federal Government sources, including their unbridled and overt use of prisoners against me, DAILY. This long Endured Crisis is that make the prison movies: 1.) "Brubaker" (1984); and, 2.) "Death Warrant" (1998), look tame by comparison. What is necessary to be put in place to alleviate these sustained life threatening bodily injuries, from, and in many cases I was denied adequate medical treatment for. This is while MDOC administrators have even influenced other prisoners to attack me and even stab in on an enormous amount of times that I've, again, sustained life threatening bodily injuries from and MDOC administrators have habitually taunted me about - with MDOC administrators currently having me confined to a mental health facility and is unlawfully subjecting me to mental health treatment "against me will" on the fraudulent contention that I am deemed delusional, paranoid and schizophrenic without any substantial evidence to support it. Instead, MDOC administrators have me in this mental health facility where I am daily concentrated around mentally ill prisoners that are members of gangs and leaders of gangs that MDOC administrators have used to attack me and that I am very... very... apprehensive at all times about the next time I will be attacked by one of their minion prisoners. Prison administrators have issued me rations of food they'd maliciously contaminated with vile elements of: feces, urine, blood, caustic chemicals, rat meat, phlegm, and every other mysterious substances you can possibly imagine - that I strongly suspect that I have contracted a fatal condition(s) of HIV/AIDS, cancer, etc. from. Prior to MDOC administrators making graphic and vicious attacks on me that they were also making sexual propositions and overtures to me. I am subjected to "incommunicado", that include and is not limited to MDOC administrators are engaged in the unlawful practice of them stealing much of my mail daily, while I have very... limited to No use of the telephone to effect contact with outside sources in the "free world" society. Prison administrators of the MDOC are trying to have me killed at this particular prison it seems that they want it done at, and including with the use of prisoners. All with the auspice and at the behest of the Federal government, (Judiciary of Michigan, with them having mixed motives for this, that include, inter alia, :1.) I busted U.S. Judges of Michigan (Robert Holmes Bell, Gordon J. Quist, Douglas W. Hillman, Paul V. Gadola, etc.) engaging in fraudulent practices of the law - from dramatic measures of TORTURE and PERVERSION by prison administrators Nationwide, is that the state and federal governments pass measures of law, that would require a committee of ethic and/or human rights authorities, being established in each state to go inside every prison every two to three days, and to make a routine round and observe each and every prisoner well being, to assess if there is any prisoners being consulted that are being subjected to any undue distresses, crises, dangers imposed on them by government sources, unlawfully. Prison administrators, throughout the United States, should not be allowed to have the authority and ability to completely (i.e., completely) ISOLATE and ALIENATE a prisoner to the extent that prison administrator can kill a prisoner without anyone knowing of it and investigating it, as I've seen and known of this to be done by prison administrators of the MDOC many, many times, and the same is what they are determined to try to do to me. I am currently very... apprehensive about my well being while I am in the custody of the MDOC, and after all the torture that MDOC administrators have already subjected me to and I am threatened by them with daily. I want to show to the world what ugly DEMOCRACY it is that I've been subjected to that is substantiated by so call official documentary records to prove it. Will somebody or anybody out there in the free world society that is able and willing to help me, please... contact me at or by the following noted information of my name, prison number, address, etc. Maurice ERBY. Prison No. [number]. "Macomb Correctional Facility" - 34625 26 Mile Road - New Haven, Michigan. 48048. Email: "JPay.com. Patrick Warren is currently the warden of this prison I am now confined (i.e., confined) at, that you can contact at the telephone No. (586) 749-4900. In addition to me seeking vital help from outside resources that can help me overcome this crisis, that I am also seeking contact with an attractive, intelligent, shapely, sexy, resourceful and marriage-minded woman - age 25 to 50 (race unimportant) - that is very... sincere about making a lasting connection.

Author: Erby, Maurice L.

Author Location: Michigan

Date: February 15, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 9 pages

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