Unlawful relations between inmates and administrative officials

Curtis, Denton Brantley



Unlawful Relations Between Inmates and Administrative Officials by Denton Bradley Curtis, NC The following topics can be found in all the other topics, that is bits and pieces. Whether inmate or correctional officer everyone desires some type of companionship that will serve as a channel for love to flow through. However subjectively speaking it is forbidden for inmates and correctional officers to have some type some type of relationship that involves intimacy, sex, or companionship. First, I would like discussions or a little time to talk about unlawful relationships that inmates have within the prison system. Then I would like to take [whole line illegible] prison system. When I came to prison I was engaged to the woman of my dreams. However in the year of 2001 we agreed to go our separate ways, it was reasonable and it made sense. I had a 25 to 28 year prison sentence, and although I wanted us to stay together, the truth is that our relationship was not strong enough to endure this prison ordeal. If perhaps we were married and had been together for a couple of decades then things would have been different. However we had only been together for two years and got engaged the same year I came to prison. Since I really cared for her I would not allow her to go through this experience with me. She should not have [page cut off] The pain from our separation was terrible and we cried and until this day I still cry, but I could not do this prison term and maintain a relationship with her at the same time. She was not bound to me and I was not bound to her. Maybe if I had a one year or two year prison term things would have been different concerning the direction of our relationship, but 25 years, come on let's be real! Unless an inmate is already married, or perhaps has children that requires him to have some type of relationship with the mother of his children, he should not be involved in any type of relationship with a woman. Make no mistake, I love women of all races for everything under the sun. Let me present a real situation: A man (inmate) is in prison with a three to five prison term. An old girlfriend decides to come and visit the inmate and the two begin to rekindle the flames of they're relationship. The two make plans on living together and even getting married. After three years the inmate is released and ready to fulfill his dream with his old flame, but he comes to the knowledge and reality of the fact that she's been having sexual relations with another man, while visiting and making plans with him while he's in prison. The (just released from prison) inmate becomes filled with jealousy and rage [text cut off] and The question at hand is; Is the following situation true? Not only is it true, but it happens all the time in the prison system, alot of men are repeat offenders due to such situations. Again, I love women, and I'm not a homosexual but having a relationship with a woman and trusting her while serving any prison term is unwise! I am surrounding by men (inmates) all the time, who have wives and children and these men (inmates) testify to the fact that the periods of worriation, depression, and many other burdens that come with having wives and children, can and will break a man (inmate) down during his prison term! However on the flip side of the things the pain stage of my prison term. It happens to all men (inmates). Nobody likes being alone or without some type of companionship men in prison are no different, and for that reason many inmates take desperate measures to have or try to maintain relationships that hurt them in the end. Inmates having sexual relations with each other in the prison system is unlawful and forbidden yet in every prison in North Carolina, inmates are being locked up and put in segregation for committing homosexual acts with each other. Then you have other inmates who are trying and some have succeeded in having relations (sexual) and relationships with correctional officers. At this point I would like to talk [text cut off] officers have within the prison system. A prison called Warren Correctional Inst. is mostly known or has a reputation for relations between inmates and correctional officers. Concerning this topic I can only bear witness to what I've seen, and what I know to be true. In topic four 4 (psychological affairs with in the prison system) I stated that correctional officers (mainly female) with mental problems are vulnerable and a liability! Vulnerable because most of them are victims of domestic violence, some of the female correctional officers leave they're prison jobs just to go home to an abusive husband or boyfriend, who will not treat them right or satisfy them in the ways that they desire. [They?] come to work at the prison system to get from inmates what they will not get from home. At prisons like Warren Correctional Inst. and Odom Correctional Inst. (where mostly women operate the prison) the sexual activity between female correctional officers and inmates was and still is out of this world. I've witnessed female correctional officers that were married get involved with inmates and they're marriage ends up destroyed. The household laid waste. You might have some female correctional officers that are poverty stricken and are suffering from severe money problems. All of the prisoners in North Carolina are filled with inmates that are filthy rich, and female correctional officers [text cut off] whatever it takes to get the money they desire from particular inmates. This kind of activity makes them (female correctional officers) a liability, where money is involved all types of unlawful activity can take place creating a dangerous environment for themselves and others. Make no mistake this does not exclude male correctional officers, about eighty (80%) of the male correctional officers in prisons all over North Carolina desire the same things from inmates that the female correctional officers desire, sex, money, attention, the list goes on and on. You will find more of a homosexual environment (male correctional officers an inmates) at prisons like Mountain View Correctional Inst. although these type of relations are found in all prisons, it is more liberal towards the Western Region of North Carolina where these prisons are located. Please note I am not talking out the side of my neck. I am speaking from what I have seen and known to be true. Alot of time their is no resistance from inmates when they may find themselves in situations with officers (correctional) involving sex or money because inmates are just as vulnerable. Any real man who is an inmate and has been incarcerated for over a long period of time can confirm the struggle with a man(s) (inmate(s)) desire for sex, love and companionship from a woman, when that (correctional officers) are willing most inmates will take advantage. One question that comes to mind is simply this: Has there been any relations between an correctional officer (administrative official) and inmate that turned into something serious like marriage? The answer is yes I know correctional officers and inmates that did get married, but the number is few and the marriage is short lived. I believe subjectively speaking that nothing good can come out of an administrative official and inmate having any type of relationship. The two don't mix, under different circumstances, not concerning the prison system the relationship might have and the wrong time. Alot of people will disagree with some things that I've said concerning this topic because they believe that love can take place at anytime at any place, and between any type of people. However let me say this True love is always beside and accompanied with truth, and without the truth you don't have love, but only lust, bondage, fear, and death.

Author: Curtis, Denton Brantley

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: April 21, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 12 pages

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