Unlike some inmates who expect

Richardson, Shannon G.



Shannon Guess Richardson Unlike some inmates who expect prison to be the Ritz Carlton, I understand where I am and my expectations are extremely limited. One of the things I do expect, however, is to eat bug-free food in a sanitary setting. Working in the kitchen at FMC Carswell opened my eyes to new horrors I was not previously aware of. There are so many roaches in the kitchen, there is no hope of controlling the situation, short of fumigation - which Food Service Manager Mr. Simpson refuses to do. Roaches, and their waste, make it into the food and all over the cooking surfaces. Kitchen staff laugh and shrug their shoulders. The storage room had a rat infestation and the dry goods, such as flour, have holes torn in them and rat droppings are visible. I was personally instructed many times to use it anyway. There were many food items that were expired by up to two years - but hey, at least they saved money, right? Gloves were not supplied or worn. Unfortunately, many inmates lack any hygiene skills, so imagine the germs and bacteria on those hands that were handling food, not to mention raw meat and cross-contamination. Temperatures are very important when preparing or storing foods. The answer? The temperatures are not monitored at all and the temperature document logs are doctored by the inmate clerk, Lisa Mack. The kitchen "supervisors" are not helpful at all. Mr. S and Mr. Gibson calls inmates bitches and enjoys telling people how fat they are. Ms. Harris will tell you to get the fuck out of her face. These are the people we are expected to look up to and respect? Ha! Special cleaning supplies that are supposed to be used daily are held by Mr. Simpson and only given one week prior to scheduled inspections by region. Why doesn't someone catch this? Because the people who are supposed to (region) gives exact dates and times of inspections so they can get ready for it. One week before the scheduled inspection, Mr. Simpson hands out the proper cleaning supplies. The kitchen is so disgusting and dirty, a special cleaning crew is put together for just this time period. The cookware, utensils, ect. that are used daily are taken to a wharehouse and new products are brought in. They are switched again after the inspection and kept in the warehouse until the next scheduled inspection. I'm sure even the worst restaurant could pass a pre-scheduled inspection. If Carswell can do it, anyone can!

Author: Richardson, Shannon G.

Author Location: Texas

Date: July 30, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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