Unreasonably denied parole

Hollis, Nicholas, II



1-28-19 Unreasonably Denied Parole My name is Nick Hollis II. I first was locked up in jail in Feb. 1998. I did a total of 8 years and 10 months locked up on a 37 year sentence. During my time I did almost a year on hoe squad. This was at Cummins Unit and the JCJ Unit (Now call: Randal L. Williams). Alot of the stuff we did on the hoe squad was just to drive us and make life hard. We would use hoes to chop grass for hours. Sometimes in the cold and other times in 100 degree heat. We were threatened with disciplinary action if we didn't work or if we didn't keep pace. If you received a "disciplinary" it caused you to have to stay in prison longer. So we were forced to do hard labor. I work in 1999-2000. I feared getting in trouble, and not only did I suffer physically but also mentally. I made it through my time only receiving one "disciplinary". In 2005 I was forced to take a program. I was told that if I didn't complete the program I would not be allowed to be released on parole. I learned from the program. It was after my transfer eligibility date when they made me do it. I was to parole out in 2004, but did not get out til Nov. 2006. After getting out of prison I stayed out for 10 years. I reported to my parole officer, in Kansas (I was doing my parole in Kansas) that I had violated my parole because I had looked at adult porn. He later sent an officer to get me. I was sent back here in Arkansas. Arkansas gave me a year parole violation. Meaning I would be required to do a year in ADC before I would go before a board member to see if I could parole back out. After I had done my year, with no infractions, the parole board then gave me a year denial. The grounds for the denial was seriousness of the violation and poor release record. How could it be serious when I didn't get charged with breaking any law? How could I have a poor release record when this is my first parole violation, and I have never broken any law since my original charges in the late '90s? I did my year denial and went up to see a parole board member again. I then received a 2 year denial! This denial started on Sept. 6, 2018. The reasons for the denial was the same reasons that they gave me for my first denial. This is a violation of my rights. I wrote the board of their violation, but they more or less said "We can do whatever we want to you because it is us against you." Not that this matters, but I have been using a wheelchair for around 2 years due to spinal stenosis and severe neuropathy in my legs and feet causing me severe pain.

Author: Hollis, Nicholas, II

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: January 28, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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