Unsleeping beauty

Covelli, Robert Frank



Unsleeping Beauty Bob Covelli Sonnet Covelli v. John Varga Withdrew case from U.S. Court today 9-3-20 RLC Tired To Death Can poisoned apply blindness ever help Rebuking those whose deeds eclipse the truth? Unactive silence, seen as a coarse consent, an ugly stain upon our secret-self. A careful word so someone may discern; refraining not an act when need is known. our every act, like static sparks of life, can stop or jump-start sunless shattered souls. A timely touch to ease a mind in grief; exposing truth when comfort elsewhere lies; a kindness done that only God beholds. Without an action wrongs shall taint today; tomorrows promise, beautys truth undone, our silence sleeps as ugly shamed consent.

Author: Covelli, Robert Frank

Author Location: Illinois

Date: September 3, 2020

Genre: Poetry

Extent: 1 pages

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